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Thread: Bryan Adams tickets..anyone??

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    Bryan Adams tickets..anyone??

    I was wondering if anybody has 3 tickets for the Bryan Adams upcoming concert at the Belle Centre in August? You can send me a PM.
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    Who cares about Bryan Adams? If it wouldn't be for these stupid Canadian minimal contents, there is not a single radio station that would be playing him anymore. He would have been forgotten for a long time.

    Come to think of it, he is already forgotten.

    So don't worry, there will be a lot of tickets available.

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    Mr Phill

    If the tickets are so easy to get,could you try to buy them for me? I can give you $30 (american)for 3 good seats. Btw,what the hell is your problem? Tickets are getting sold for $400 a piece in Ebay!! Have a nice day
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    I'd be very surprised that the tickets for the Bryan Adams concert are already on sale. The tickets for the Great George Michael have yet to be sold & he's in Mtl only in July. By the way.....i'll buy every single George Michael ticket that anyone has for sale. Let me know & they're sold!

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    Tickets now!!

    Hey Doc: if you go to Tickets now website,they have tickets available for all these shows(even George Michael) I need tickets in the 200 section(211 to 224) price range up to 250 a piece...let me know guys!! Im bringing my 2 ladies to the show LOL.
    "Life ain't always beautiful...but is a beautiful ride"

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