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Thread: Happy Birthday Sapman

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    Happy Birthday Sapman

    It's not quite midnight, but I want to wish the Sapmeister a very happy birthday and wish for you the duo of your dreams. You've given us so many great reviews and present yourself with class and respect. Many Many Happy Returns Sapman. Adios, Nacho
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    Happy Birthday Duoman!! Enjoy yourself...something tells me I don't need to tell you that though.
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    Bonne fête

    Bonne fête Sapman
    Happy Birthday

    Many happy returns and thanks for all the reviews and looking forward to more of the same.


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    Smile Happy Birthday

    May your birthday be twice as sweet.

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    Hey Sapman, Happy B-day !!!!
    She was up a stair to nowhere
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    She stared as though I should have known her
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    Happy Birthday Sappy!

    Reward yourself with a birthday TRIO!

    Enjoy the day!

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    Marcel Proust

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    He he he !

    Happy Borthday Sapman !

    Best Personal Regards, Legendary *Peter SD*
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    Thumbs down Thanks everyone - Merci à toutes et tous

    Wow, what can I say? This scene wouldn't be the same without you all!

    It's been a tough year indeed, so many changes in real life, a little fantasy here and there sure helped smooth out the rough edges along the way.

    All of your wishes really did warm my heart, there are some really special good people here that I am glad to know. Must start thinking summer hobby parties here folks!

    Maria, merci beaucoup pour tes voeux en particulier. Oui en effet, ma visite chez Izabella était "hot", pour plus d'une raison. Mais, comme toi, cette fille a la passion de ce qu'elle fait et un désir de tout donner (et tout prendre aussi ) qui intensifie le moment au plus haut point. Alors ça ne m'étonne pas que tu aies apprécié la lire.

    Passez tous un beau week-end. Moi, je récupère de mon cadeau .
    Une vie sans folie, c'est une vie sans goût / Life without craziness, is life without taste

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