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Thread: Rainy Day Women! BODYLICIOUS MONDAY...

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    Smile Rainy Day Women! BODYLICIOUS MONDAY...

    Hello Gentleman,

    For those who call and ask for the early bird special today;
    monday the 28th of April '08 and tomorrow the 29th the price will be $140/hr in the downtown montreal area!

    On the menu tonight we've got:

    Alissa(New GFE! Quebecoise Brunette!) 34C-24-34, 5'1, 23yrs, 105lbs

    Sabrina(NEW!)Quebecoise, Brunette, 36B-22-32, 5'8, 23yrs, 118lbs

    Zoe(GFE) Latina/Mulatto, Brunette, 36C-24-35, 5'4, 21yrs, 118lbs

    Monica(GFE) Canadian, Brunette, 36C-25-36, 5'6, 23yrs, 122lbs

    Tamika(New Caribbean, Voluptuous!) Curly Black hair, 40DD(Natural), 5'6, 24yrs, 130lbs

    Andrea(GFE) Latina, Brunette, 36D-24-36, 5'6, 26yrs, 121lbs

    Kaitlyn(GFE) Canadian, Blonde, 32b-22-32, 5'3, 19yrs, 100lbs

    Alexis, Italian, Brunette, 36C-25-38, 5'6, 24yrs, 128lbs

    Sky(NEW! Exotic), Caribbean, Brunette, 34C-25-36, 5'3, 18yrs, 120lbs

    Natasha, Caribbean, Brunette, 34C-24-36, 5'4, 19yrs, 110lbs

    Jazz(NEW! Exotic Dominatrix) Brunette, 36D-25-36, 5'7, 25yrs, 128lbs



    Go HABS!
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