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    tec help

    help i was watching TV and my screen went blank . tried my DVD thats OK so i changed from HDMI 1 over to HDMI 2 and nothing . so i called videotron
    long story short now my connection is component the cable guy told me that my HDMI cable is no good . how did that happen just like that ? is this true ?
    he toled me that component is the same as HDMI is this true ? where do i start to find the real problem could it be my new TV or the illico box both are 3 month old.

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    Component is not the same as HDMI, physically or quality-wise.

    Component consists of 5 cables (red, green, blue, and often, 2 attached audio). It is an analog signal.

    HDMI is a single cable with a "D" shell that carries both video and audio. It is a digital signal.

    If you can play DVDs OK, then the problem is probably with your cable box.
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    thank you bond .my DVD gos to my TV s video does this change Any thing ?
    i thought i would bring my HDMI cable back to the store and have them try it to see if it works i think it is a good place to start .

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