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Thread: Have you notice the cops walking in the street.

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    Have you notice the cops walking in the street.

    The police have been walking around together 5 and 6 cops together having a good time at tax payers expense. The high command at the Montreal police force has made it a requirment that all police officers regardless of rank must do a certain number of hours each year walking the streets of this fair city. The policemen get to choose the time and day that they will walk their required hours. So, that is why you see them 5 and 6 together walking around having a good time.

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    So the safest streets in Montréal are the streets that the donut shops are on??
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    Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain... morally casual attitude.

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    LE had so many donuts, walking will be good for them.
    EB will be pleased to see that Mtl. is doing something to make the City the safest in ....Quebec!!!

    Or, with all the kind of streets we have have in the City, there is no car left for them to go around!!!!

    Or has this anything to do with the recent decision to allow marriage ..... did you say hands in hands????

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