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Thread: Congratulations to Manchester United

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    Congratulations to Manchester United

    Congratulations to Manchester United, winners of the Champions League 2008.

    Great game, went to penalties, 6-5.
    Worth taking the afternoon off to watch two great teams.

    Liverpool next year !!!!!

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    Two great team but not a great game.They start playing at almost 11 pm Moscow time its a bit late

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    Yes, it was raining throughtout the match causing some problems and yes, it's for the TV stations. Primetime Europe.

    At least Christiano Ronaldo will be having fun in his Moscow hotel room after missing his penalty shot and Van Der Saar stopping Anelka.

    1am is not the best time to play a game of football (soccer) but still shows how strong they are after 120 minutes of non stop play.

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