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Thread: Here's to the Girls of Montreal!

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    OK, this is a light topic, I admit. It has nothing like the seriousness of unmasking fraudulent pictures on escorting websites (really, I mean this– keeping this board functioning properly is part of what makes Montreal so amazing). But, as I write to you from Paris, I find myself dreaming of the day of my return and compiling a list of prospective encounters that is truly staggering. Let's imagine that for whatever reason, at least 1/2 of the 25 girls on my latest list are either not around, booked, or not available for some other reason when I return in July. But that still leaves 12 astonishingly beautiful, willing, and able lovelies to play with.

    Where else on earth can one find such beautiful girls working for such reasonable rates in such a safe environment (OK, I have read that the answer to this question may be Costa Rica, Mexico, and many parts of Asia, but I just don't get there like I should!). It's unbelievable. Montreal is for straight men what San Francisco was for gays in the 1970s. It is paradise.

    When this is no longer true, we will look back on this time as unbelievable. Really. Read some of these reviews, and then try to imagine where else this is happening. Answer: nowhere I go, that's for sure. Don't get me wrong, The City of Light has its charms. Just yesterday, I was on the Metro, and this quite lovely girl starts smiling at me (she's 22 and I am 49), and I think she is looking at someone behind me (this has happened before, and misinterpreting this kind of thing can be very embarrassing!), but she is not. She is looking right at me. As I get up to get off the train, so does she. We get off at the same stop and I finally speak with her. She is French, but from Marseilles. Anyway, we got on very well, and will be going out again tomorrow. So, it's just wonderful. But... it is no Montreal.

    Here's to these incredible lovelies and this outstanding moment in history!
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    I could not agree more Urbanite

    Montreal is a Disneyland for middle aged straight males. You can not get this class of service, from this class of lady, for such a reasonable rate anywhere else on the continent! Sometimes you can get the service for the price but the girl is lacking. Sometimes you can find a girl as good looking for the same price but the service is lacking. If you get a girl as hot as a Montreal girl that provides the same service then the price is 2X that of a Montreal girl!

    The love making (and I do mean love making) is unparalled.

    I am in my mid 40's and I do not know how much longer this is going to last but I plan to play as much as I can!

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    I love Montreal Girls!!!!

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