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Thread: Merb net worth: $ 32000

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    Merb net worth: $ 32000

    That`s $320 per poster (assuming there are 100 posters).

    Yippee! You can quit your day job now.
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    Great website! Thanks for the share.

    But I would value MERB at much higher than $32k. There are 25,000 registered users. Let's assume 1/2 of those are 'real'. There must be another 20,000 or so unregistered users. So let's assume around 30,000 users. Valuing each user at a mere $3 each would give a value of around $100k.

    Alternatively, let's look at ad revenue. Assume 30 indys @ $50 per month = $1500. Then another 40 agencies at $100/month = $4000. So MERB ad revenue is approx $5500/month. Per year is $66k. Even using a very conservative valuation of 2 times revenue, MERB should be worth $132k. But more normal is 4 times revenue... giving a valuation of approx. $264k.

    Looks like my MBA finally came in handy for something.


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    Actually it's almost triple the blue board which estimates at $12504.90.

    But it's all totally irrelevant as the site is rated at $64,824.00 and the domain name recently sold for $2.6 million US.

    If someone ever comes out with a product that can be marketed with the name MERB, you can be sure the value of the domain name will go way up. It doesn't really matter what the content of the site is when estimating the value of it's domain name.

    But it does make you wish you had registered names like or or who knows how many others that would have been worth a ton of money in today's internet driven world.
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    This evaluation of worth is based on 2 X daily ad revenue, this is totaly bogus. A site is worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTA refugee
    A site is worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it.
    I Could not agree more with you: you"re totally right on point. Otherway, it's pure bogus speculation.

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    A "site" or any business is obviously worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. The example is one where the "business" was non-existant, but happened to own an "asset" -- ie: their url, which was very valuable. It's like that shabby, rat-infested slum of a house that sold for over 2.5 million in Toronto a few years back --- because it was sitting on prime lot downtown with giant condos on either side.... if you moved that house a couple miles away it would be worth 100K.

    Unless some unrelated term (or product, or whatever) also called "merb" gets very popular, then this website will never be valued over a few thousand bucks for the domain name alone. I think this is not likely to happen.

    As opposed to "", merb is an actual business with actual business metrics that a potential buyer can evaluate using common business principals such as the very basic ones outlined by Fly88. IF (and I'm sure it's big if) someone was looking to buy merb -- I am sure that the valuation and final price would be loosely based on these metrics (reg'd users, monthly page views, advertising revenue, net income etc etc).

    I agree with Fly88's estimate and would (with the limited information available) set a vaule of between 200K to 300K. Due to the "risky" nature of the sex trade in general, this business probably comes with more risks than upside, so I am sure if there was a buyer, this would be an important concern.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bensonnobalia
    BD. Do you know who owns MERB? I am sure this must have come up on a previous thread....Because there seem to be a lot of excellent ads and traffic here? B.

    I know it's not me.

    "exellent ads and traffic" in relation to what? Your myspace page? It's all relative. There are probably many thousands of websites with more users, more traffic and more ad revenue. For what it is, and in this industry, I believe MERB is a leader and certainly a "respectable" example of what can be accomplished business-wise, but these numbers would probably not get much attention from Wall Street or VC. I am sure that several of the well known agencies who advertise on merb have thousands of PAYING customers, and much higher annual revenue than MERB itself. I would love to see someone do an IPO-style fiscal evaluation of Devilish or xxxtase, or eleganza


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    Acording to this site YAHOO is worth 2.41 billion USD. I seem to remember Microsoft offering $50 Billion plus to take over Yahoo.

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    Talking Not a conservative at all, usually, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Dover
    I would love to see someone do an IPO-style fiscal evaluation of Devilish or xxxtase, or eleganza


    Hmmm, I cannot imagine the Montreal world getting any better; only worse, so I would recommend no such financial number-running, site analysis, or anything else that might cause an unintended change in the perfect storm of rational/ irrational behavior that we now enjoy. Sit still. Do nothing. Hope nothing changes!

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    Urbanite -- If you can't image Montreal getting any better, you must not live here! Based on your comment I can only assume you that must be a senior member of the Bush cabinet. This is their strategy for handling matters of all kinds


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    Quote Originally Posted by GTA refugee
    A site is worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it.
    The worth of a thing,
    Is the price it will bring.

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