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Thread: Live sex shows in Montreal!!!

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    Live sex shows in Montreal!!!

    While visiting a site I came across the following post from an American that came to Real-City very recently:

    Quote Originally Posted by a tousist
    I was down there on business last week and I must say, you guys are VERY Liberal when it comes to sex. I must have spent about a grand in strip clubs last week, and when a buddy from the city took me to a live sex show, I was freaked out!

    I never knew things like that existed! I felt kinda bad for the girl through. I must have seen her get plowed 6 or 7 times during the night by different male performers...all the while the guys in the room were hollering at her like animals. But she was FUCKING HOT though... a nice little petit with bleach blond hair... and those fucking heels she was wearing made her look incredible. It wasn't until she swallowed one of the guys loads that the guys in the room REALLY went wild.

    I had a hard on all fucking night!

    The strip dances in between by the other girls were pretty good too, but the main attraction was the sex shows..

    How much do girls who do live shows like that get paid anyway? Must be a lot I am guessing.

    I am DEFINITELY coming back to Montreal before the end of the summer.
    I don't know about you guys but I've lived in Real-City all of my life, and have never heard of such a place!

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    It could be a swinger club, but there people dont get paid

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    Its news to me as well and would love to get a solid answer from anyone in

    the know

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    One way I did, 10years ago was to get in the business of porn here in Mtrl which was a very close circle. Back then everyone involved invested in producing a movie and doing some work themselves (promoting, editing, filming, acting...whatever). It was comon to have those kind of scenes in order to get the most 'good shots'. And you could invite someone that you had a good idea they would be interested to invest some $$$ themselves.

    Some chicks I met were total nympho completely addicted to it.
    It was I must say a little insane after a while so I got out.

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