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Thread: Best way to BBQ.

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    Best way to BBQ.

    I would like to share with you the best way to BBQ. Gas fired BBQs are the worse devices to cook meat outdoors. My favorite way is to pan fry steaks or hamburgers and then when it is just about ready, you throw it over a small pile of charcoal briquets. That way you get thouroghly cooked meat, the flavour of charcoal cooking and the extra benefeit of the hot charcoals cooking off all the fat on your meat. I also marinate my meat in a vacume canister to get all the marinade into the meat very quickly. Try soya sauce with sesame oil as a marinade for something new. Merbites, tell your BBQ secrets here. It will be our little secret.

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    For me gas is the best

    Your method involves cooking the meat twice, waste of time

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    Its not that much more work. It takes about the same amount of time.

    - Fry it till its 90% done, frying does not dry the meat out not does it scortch it.

    - Place over charcoal. There you get the charcoal flavoring. ( place over charcoal for 2 or 3 minutes )

    - Most of your fat drips off on the charcoal.

    Try it and tell me its not the best BBQ you ever tasted.
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