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    Any one have any first hand knowledge/experience indonig yoga? What have the benefits been for you? Seems like a good thing to do to work on one's flexibility.

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    The benefits are numerous. I feel happier, calmer, more centered. I do actually feel "worked out' too after a good class.

    Im at the point now where if I miss a week, I feel the difference. I miss it...
    my body feels less at ease.

    My tip to you...try a few different classes. There are so many different types of classes out there, from relaxing to extremely strenuous. Plus each studio and teacher brings their own vibe to the class too.

    Wish I knew MOntreal better as I would make a suggestion..perhaps other merbites have a favorite studio to suggest?

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    Yoga class = good way to be the only guy amongst a bunch of hot chicks.

    But it's not all great.

    Not all the chicks are hot; and during yoga sessions, they might fart in your face.

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    Any major gym will have yoga classes.

    In Montreal, there is Club Sportif MAA, which is across Peel street from Les Courts Mont Royal. There is also Club Mansfield.

    These are the more expensive gyms.

    It may be cheaper at Club LaCite on Parc.

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    I have

    I have been doing yoga for a good 6 years now and it is very very helpful. I am a girl with lots of energy and sometimes I don't know where to focus it... especially when I started yoga. It makes me feel more grounded and relaxed. It is great for flexibility and strength.

    The whole concept of yoga is "mind over matter". If you can controle your body with your mind, you can controle many things. Breathing is is key. It is the way you refuel your body by bringing in oxygen everywhere.

    I now do a sort of yoga called Bikram which is in a heated room at 42 degrees celsius. This heat allows you to go further in you postures. Because of the heat, your muscles are more flexible. The heat also makes you sweat alot, so you eliminate lots of toxins.. Also makes your skin smooth!

    This kind of yoga is not a meditative kind. It is very hard. It lasts an hour and a half and is not focused of flexibility or strength, but also has movement for your joints, balance, your focus and to acelerate your metabolism.

    If you want more info on this, I would be glad to give you some.

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    Thanks. Im going to look into it.

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    Wow. Maria that sounds so nice.... Can you PM me the info? Is it in Downtown or further??? Night classes?
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