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Thread: Riot in Montreal last night?

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    Riot in Montreal last night?

    Surprised we haven't heard anything about this here yet. Also, I didn't realize the police shot and killed and 18 year old kid on Saturday night. Whereabouts did this occur in Montreal?

    August 11, 2008

    MONTREAL—Rioting broke out late Sunday in a Montreal neighborhood where a young man was shot to death by police over the weekend. A police officer was shot in the leg, stores were looted and firefighters were pelted with beer bottles.

    Several hundred officers in riot gear fanned out in search of a group of youths who ran off after torching eight cars parked outside a fire station in Montreal North, a multiethnic neighborhood with simmering tensions between residents and police. Fire trucks responding to the call in Montreal North were pelted with beer bottles, while at least three bus shelters were trashed.

    The violence erupted following a peaceful community protest against the shooting by police on Saturday of three people, including an 18-year-old man, identified by his sister as Freddy Alberto Villanueva, who died of his wounds.

    On Sunday, men and women of all ages crawled through the smashed windows of a pawn shop, a convenience store and a butcher shop, grabbing anything they could. They could be seen running down the street clutching TVs, cigarette cartons and slabs of meat.

    Meanwhile, along the residential streets, riot-squad officers were forced to dive for cover at least three times, after blasts of what sounded like gunshots went off around them.

    "I had a guy shoot a gun next to me, that's how bad it was," said Patrick Parent, who lives on the street behind the convenience store. "I ran home. It was terrifying."

    Parent, who has lived in the area for six years, said locals occasionally hear gunshots but that usually the neighborhood is quiet.

    "I thought I would see this only on TV, never in real life," he said.

    Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafreniere said one police officer was hospitalized after being shot in the leg.

    An ambulance technician was hit in the head by a bottle and a second police officer suffered minor injuries, he said. Both were released from hospital after treatment.

    Montreal police Chief Yvan Delorme said the mob vandalized three fire trucks, the local fire station and broke into 20 businesses.

    Three people were arrested for breaking and entering, one for drug possession and two others for charges still to be determined, he said.

    Quebec provincial police have taken over the investigation into the shootings Saturday that sparked the riots.

    City police said the officers were trying to arrest an individual in Henri Bourassa Park around 7 p.m when they were surrounded by a group of about 20 youths.

    A few individuals allegedly broke away from the group and rushed the officers.

    According to police, one of the officers then opened fire.

    The officers were not wounded.

    Provincial police spokesman Gregory Gomez del Prado said there were numerous witnesses to the incident, including people playing sports or just sitting in the park nearby, he said.

    "It's too early to say what happened exactly. We're talking about the death of a man. It's a major investigation."

    Villanueva's sister, Julissa, said from nearby Laval that family members want answers.

    "We only know what we see in the news, in the newspapers, that's all," she said, breaking into tears as she spoke about her brother, a student who wanted to become a mechanic.

    Delorme, the Montreal police chief, said authorities would make efforts to mend the shaky relations between police and the community.

    "We're there to listen, to understand what happened (Sunday) night and to avoid these kinds of situations," Delorme said Monday. "We have to feel safe in Montreal."
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    What's being reported is that officers went to Henri Bourassa Park to arrest someone and they were surrounded by some unruly youths, several of whom rushed the officers according to police, and 18 year old Freddy Villenueva (presumably no relation to Charlie Villenueva who played for UConn) was then shot dead in the melee.

    Apparently there are some ethnic tensions with Montreal police which have led to the riots from the media reports I am reading.

    The riots reportedly resulted in one Montreal police officer getting shot and an ambulance technician hurt when he was hit in the head by a molotov cocktail which did not ignite.
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    Trying to figure out where HB Park is, it sounds familiar.

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    Unhappy Update

    For the local version visit:

    Basically it is the northeast part of Montreal North near RDP very far from downtown.

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    Ok, thanks EE.

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    Man shot while driving on Montreal street

    And some poor guy gets shot while driving through the NDG area:

    MONTREAL - A motorist was seriously wounded early this morning when he was shot while driving south on Cavendish Blvd. in the Notre Dame de Grâce area.

    He is in critical condition in hospital and his life may be in danger, Montreal police Constable Anie Lemieux said

    He was driving in a southerly direction when he was hit between Monkland Ave. and Sherbrooke St.

    The assailant was on foot when he fled the scene.

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    I'm with the police

    Well for me personally I am with the police on this one. After having served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, I know what it feels like to be “rushed by a group of people” when you are just doing a patrol. I know there are differences but in my opinion the police have a harder job then the military figuring out who will try to hurt you, and they do a pretty damn good job at it. As stated above I have personally been in a similar situation and at that point it becomes a situation of self-preservation and unless you have faced it you can’t say what you would do. The easy answer is, if you don’t want to risk getting shot, don’t “rush” the police.

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    I'm living beside the police office of Ahuntsic and believe me ... when the fight begin ... we knew it! All police car with *sirene* pass beside my house! (sorry i dont know how to say that in english) ... after a friend told me what happen by msn ... i watch Lcn untill 2h am lolll im too much curious lol I was thinking that was more near me ... but it's around 9 km more in the east side . ouf!

    It was like a movie on tv ... we eared gun shooting (they are not sure if it's gun or other things) but that was live on tv and all the cop was freaking out!
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    of corse it is ... everybody know montreal nord is the territory of *gang de rue*

    The gang was taking Ahuntsic territory too 2 years ago ... but they put some camera on intersection like mine ... henri bourassa /lajeunesse ... and st-hubert/henri bourassa.Now Ahuntsic are very quiet place.They should put camera in montreal nord too!
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    im not sure that's gonna be calm tonight ... what do you think?It's finish?! I dont think so!

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    they just say in the news ... the family of the young dead guy ask calm and peace from everybody ... so maybe is gonna stop some fighter!

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    Right at this moment, in the news, they say that this part of Montreal is well known to be like a "gang zone" and the police was just undernumbered to face all those actions made yesterday......
    The City of Montreal imposes its new doctrine and that is for the police to increase the city coffers at the expense of the car driving citizens. Hence alot less police officers available to do what police officers should be doing. In the Montreal-Nord district only seven officers are on duty on any Saturday night.

    The police lost touch with the community 15 years ago and never gained it back, the average cop is way too young to be of any use (except to give tickets) and the 5'2 female officers are in no shape or way able to impose any authority. The street smart officers are no where to be found and never mind having cops walking the beat.

    This will not get any better, any time soon. While this incident might dissipate, others will surely rise to the surface. Its unfortunate that such a great city has such an asshole of mayor whom is only looking out for his personnel interest.



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    Its no secret what people are doing it. For God's sake many of these low lives are the same that rioted during the hockey playoffs..funny thing is they don't even watch hockey...they commit crime, rob,assault,steal and more...and when something happens to them they say "fuck the police"...well fuck them and I hope they burn in the same fires they started.

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    gnannnnn! not that much!
    i like action ... i will be a good grandma in my windows later!
    i will know everything about everybody in the neighborhood

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    I really have two questions to ask before I pass final judgement on the Villenuva case:

    1) Why did the cops stop to talk to these guys? I remember the feeling of being a young black guy and being followed/watched by the cops without having done anything and it was always especially frustrating. The media is playing the normal tune of "Danny Villenuva being known by the police" but I know a bunch of guys who have done minor things like he did and are now upstanding citizens... If the cops had no probable cause, I say they need to hang...

    2) How come a trained police officer is not able to restrain some kid lunging for them? We is it we pay for 3 plus years of fighting training when at the first fight they have to shoot kids? What will happen when they have to fight "real" criminals... I have aboslutely ZERO problems with women being on the force but in order to accomplish that, they lowered the requirements for height and weight that used to exist. It's not women that are bad for the police, it is 5'2" women and runty little guys who know when they see you that the only edge they have is their gun...
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