For Clients: Find ‘teaser’ videos of your favorite escorts at Cuties Guide!

Avoid Bait and Switches! Escorts cannot simply upload someone else’s photo. They need to record their webcam video online.

For Escorts: Finally, you can record your own webcam videos online at Cuties Tools!

Tease Your Clients! Videos allow you to tease your clients in a way that would be impossible for photos. Do your favorite strip-tease dance. Act Sexy. Show off your favorite lingerie and toys.

Your clients want to see the REAL you! Photos do not tell the whole story, and your clients know it. Your appearance in your videos is much more realistic.

Photos are easy to fake; webcam videos are difficult to fake! Your clients’ biggest nightmare is showing up and seeing that the escort looks completely different from their photos. So record a video, and reduce their fears.

No special software needed: all you need is a webcam! We have developed all the technology to record, convert, compress, and save your video.

Your clients can NOT download your Cuties Tools videos! We use advanced technology to deliver videos such that your clients never save a copy of the video in their web browser or cache.

Save time and money producing and hosting your own videos! You can record and delete videos any time, and never have to worry about hosting or bandwidth costs. In fact, many clients appreciate the amateur feel of webcam videos over professionally-created videos.

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The webcam recording is available even with your free 30-day trial!