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    Montreal 1976

    I was but a toddler at the time, so I thought I'd take a look back:

    • Canada won no gold medals.
    • Taiwan (Republic of China) withdrew after Canada recognized China (People's Republic of China) instead
    • 28 African nations boycotted because New Zealand's rugby team had toured South Africa, which had been banned from the Olympics since 1964.
    • Nadia Comaneci of Romania won 3 gold medals.
    • Gymnastics were held at The Forum (the Pepsi Forum at Atwater today)
    • The Olympic Stadium was finally paid off in 2006 ($1.61 Billion). The retractable roof never worked right. The velodrome next door (cycling stadium portion of the complex) became the Biodome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    This is pretty wild too:
    The Olympic Flame was "electronically" transmitted via satellite from Athens to Ottawa, by means of an electronic pulse derived from the actual burning flame. From Ottawa, it was carried by hand to Montreal. After a rainstorm doused the Olympic flame a few days after the games had opened, an official relit the flame using his cigarette lighter. Organizers quickly doused it again and relit it using a backup of the original flame. [from the Wikipedia article.]
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    Smile 1976 Montreal Memories

    My 1976 memories tend to the before and after. Having grown-up within walking distance of the Olympic Stadium it was impressive to see an incredible stadium on a vacant site where my friends and I had played.

    On the other hand it is sad to see that today it is under used and it is also sad to see that many neighbourhoods that had been demolished for other projects, today are empty lots because the projects never materialized.

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