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Thread: ZOOM Airlines strands hundreds....

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    ZOOM Airlines strands hundreds....

    Zoom's demise strands hundreds

    Discount carrier Zoom Airlines scramble to provide flights for customers who were left up in air.....

    The Canadian Transportation Agency says it is "pulling out all the stops" to ensure stranded passengers get home after Zoom Airlines abruptly shut down its operations yesterday.

    "We were caught by surprise," said Jadrino Huot, spokesman for the transportation agency. "Our top priority right now is to provide advice to affected ticket holders about their options, rights and recourse and refer them to appropriate organizations for immediate help."

    The low-cost transatlantic carrier left hundreds of passengers stranded in Canada and in Europe.........

    Late yesterday, Air Canada said it made available special low fares on a one-way basis to assist stranded Zoom Airlines customers who were planning to travel between Canada and France, Britain and Italy. These are available for purchase in either direction.........

    A spokesperson for Aéroports de Montréal said she couldn't say if ADM was owed money by Zoom.

    Hugh and John Boyle, the founders of Zoom, said: "We deeply regret the fact that we have been forced to cease all Zoom operations."

    "It is a tragic day for our passengers and more than 600 staff. We are desperately sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause passengers and those who have booked flights," the statement from Zoom's founders said.

    It was not immediately clear whether the company has plans to resume at any time.

    The Zoom executives blamed the company's woes on the "unprecedented rise in the price of aviation fuel" and the "general economic downtown that has made it impossible for operations to continue." These factors resulted in a $50-million increase in operating costs, the statement said.......

    Ahhhhh, stranded in Paris

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    deja vu ... similar thing happened with JetsGo

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    You get what you pay for. Yes Air Canada is a pain in the ass a lot of the time, to point of being the company you love to hate. But at least they are big enough to stay on the media's radar. I don't think they would ever be able to just "close up shop" overnight, sans warning. Same for Westjet. Zoom, Jetsgo, Royal, and the myriad of other low cost airlines don't make enough profit to weather financial storms. Sure it's great for the consumer to fly cheaper. But you almost have to expect trouble sometimes. When the "big boys" cry about costs, they aren't always crying wolf. Air Transat customers beware.
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