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Thread: Hotels préférés/Favorites hotels

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    Hotels préférés/Favorites hotels

    J'aimerais savoir quels sont vos hotels 3 étoiles préférés à Montréal? Merci

    I want to know what are your favorite 3 stars hotels in Montréal? Thank you

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    Marriott "Residence Inn Westmount" on Lincoln ave.

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    Hyatt Regency, followed by the Delta Mtl.

    I've never stayed there, but if i had, i'd probably put Holiday Inn Express between those two. I once visited a friend (a fellow Toronto Blue Jays fan) at that hotel & i must admit i was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked.

    The 3-star hotels i hate the most? No surprise there:

    Doubletree (which i call Doublecrap)

    Holiday Inn Select

    Any of the 'Days Inns'

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