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Thread: I have been upgraded to a category 5 storm!

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    Talking I have been upgraded to a category 5 storm!

    Don't believe the news media. They say I am not a big deal but today I wreaked havoc in Montreal.

    I started off with Gabrielle of XXXtase, a French Quebecoise hotty with a super hot stripper look. She was really cute, had huge man-mades and an ass to die for. A little too much info at one point, which turned me off a little, but she is among the hottest SPs in the doubt about that.

    Feeling somewhat unsatisfied with my encounter (performance issues again ), I left Le Chateau Chablis for some dessert at Babi-O-Spa, or Candy to be precise. This lady is the cure for impotence. I love her curves, her soft skin and the way she nibbles on my neck and ear while she teases me into a frenzy...ouff, what a total fucken turn-on.

    So don't you buy those news reports that Gustav was downgraded to a category 1 storm.

    The rampage is just beginning.

    The one and only,


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    thank you General Gonad,
    she on my #1 tdl
    im back

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