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Thread: Skype charges more than advertised price! Other options please.

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    Skype charges more than advertised price! Other options please.

    Skype advertises that they charge 2.4 cents per minute. I made a local call with a duration of 1 min. 2 sec and was charged 11 cents, that is double the price they advertised. Even if they charge a full minute for the 2 seconds on the second minute, the price should have been 4.8 cents. The only advantage would be if you were calling long distance. I am looking for other and cheaper methods to call throught a high speed internet line. Any suggestions?

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    i believe skype is priced in euros. maybe there was a connection fee?

    i have an annual unlimited plan for north america [usa & canada]. cost me $24. check to see if they still offer it or something similar.

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    Something called check it out........

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    I use it for a while and work really great...

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    I use iChat from Apple.

    It's built in to the OS, I can do Video & Audio, or just Audio, or just IM and it's free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVIDFINKEL
    Something called check it out........
    I use magicjack as well. Free calls to the US and Canada from anywhere in the world with an internet connection for $20/year.

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    I use it along with Skype. Works fine.

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    I've been using magicjack for close to 7 months now, no problems yet. Only issue's is if your computer lacks memory and you try to do multiple things and use magicjack, the connection can get a bit fuzzy. All you do is buy the plug for 45 total including shipping, first year is free...then pick an area code that you want a local number (I suggest something in a downtown district so others don't pay long distance to call you).

    Allows you to plug it into a laptop and anywhere in the world that has decent wireless, you can make calls like your sitting at home. Your local number will show up on caller id...nobody has to know that your in Germany. And if you call from outside of Canada or the USA into one of these countries, its considered a local call even though your halfway around the world. If you need to make international calls, you can if you add 5 dollars minimum to your account at .02 cents a minute.

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