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Thread: Don'y Mess With Canucks, Oasis!

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    Don'y Mess With Canucks, Oasis!

    Oasis Singer attacked by a stoner in Toronto last night.

    Canadians take $hit from NOBODY!.

    Next target, the Jonas Brothers (just kidding)

    (fast forward to 1:30)

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    And the point of this post is? Tell the world Canadians are a bunch of uncivilized stoned morons? I guess that's what you intend to say and you're proud of it! Only an absolute moron would attack somebody from behind like this. If you idendify to this guy, up to you but you can count me off.

    I guess is "messin with ya" correspond to giving a show, I don't want to see what your reaction would be if somebody was really pissing you off...

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