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Thread: A warning to the users of this board.

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    A warning to the users of this board.

    Just a friendly warning that if you connect and login to this board from a public access terminal, ALWAYS LOG OFF BEFORE LEAVING THE BOARD.

    Found myself checking something in a well known downtown cybercafe only to find myself already logged in .... into somebody else's account.

    Luckily, it was me that got there, and i logged the person off. But just REMEMBER TO LOGOFF, especially if you don't want people reading your private messages or things like that.On top of the obvious privacy shudder you should be all feeling right now at the though of someone else having access to your account on a board such as this one.


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    This has happened on TERB as well.

    In a classic case a couple of years ago, one guy who found himself logged on, for the second time, as another member decided to have some fun. He posted a request for SP's who provide brown showers.

    It got a lot of laughs, but also got the message across that members who log on from a cybercafe should always log off.

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    Logging out of Merb

    Joeblow (& al),

    When you are on the main page, the page where all the sections are listed, General, Montreal and Quebec City reviews, Outcalls, Incalls, etc, scroll down to the bottom and on the right you will see the "Log Out" option. Once you click on this, the browser will tell you all cookies have been cleared and the next user of that computer will not be logged on under your name by default.

    By the way, thanks guys for brigning that to everyone's attention.

    Hope this helps,


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