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    Golden Chantal

    Congrats to Quebec native Chantal Petitclerc who won two more gold medals Sunday for a total of 4 golds at the Paralympics in Beijing. Petitclerc is competing in her 5th and last games and has repeated, at the age of 38, her Athens accomplishment of 4 golds.

    I am particularly interested in ackowledging her extraordinary accomplishments because I have been lucky enough to meet her on a flight from Montreal to Toronto after the Athens games. A chance encounter jointly commiserating over the latest Air Canada delay, I was delighted to find myself also seated next to her on the flight. She was on her way to attend the annual charity sportsmans dinner.

    A truly extraordinary woman with great charm as well as obvious courage and determination. When we met it was one of those times where you think you know the person but can't quite put your finger on who they are because you are meeting them out of the context that you know them. It was driving me nuts as I was talking to her until the stewardess came up to her and asked her by name for her autograph.

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    She's definately quite a woman! Courage and determination, you're totally right! She used to be the weather girl on a French network here and, on top of it all, I think look quite good!

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