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Thread: I'm moving over to canada.

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    I'm moving over to canada.


    so... adding to our trillion dollar deficit... a couple of years ago every american had ~a 26,000 debt

    i'm sure rescuing fannie mae and freddie mac is great and all but adding 800 billion $ to our debt is ... just great.

    oh and rescuing aig with 85 billion is.. just great as well

    along with the whole loss of individualism and independent thought in society etc blah blah blah..

    just hope my french improves to the level of basic communication.

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    Welcome to Canada
    You'll be amazed how well your french improves after chatting up a dancer or two. Les filles de francophone m'aide apprendre
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    It is easy to learn french here. It did not take me too long... Three years and I seem to get by pretty well.
    I guess I started a trend six years ago... ? LOL (No, I am not that conceited to think that I was the first to have this idea of leaving the states... )
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