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Thread: HDLM Queen?

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    HDLM Queen?

    Expedia is showing a one queen room for US $111 for the times I'll be there in December. Not a bad rate, but their website doesn't even show a queen room, just a double queen. Is this some type of expedia closet room? Also available right now is an Omni king for $99. And the Vogue (probably second floor) for $168. All good prices at good places. Any thoughts?

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    It depends on what you will be doing when you are not seeing escorts. HDLM or Vogue would be good choices for easy access to the restaurants and night life on Crescent street, given the weather that time of year.

    The Omni is OK too, though I have always stayed in a junior suite when there as opposed to a room. The HDLM room pictures are hardly accurate so don't judge by that. I stayed in the contemporary king room, their 360 degree view shows a spacious room with a sofa, what I actually got was a matchbox. They said the balconies are private, but the fact is you share them with the adjacent room. This, combined with the fact that the blinds do not close all the way mean that the person next door can potentially walk over and peek through.

    There are no ice machines in HDLM but they don't audit the minibar until you check out so emptying it and placing your own items is easy, where as the Omni try to audit it daily. I might go to the HDLM again, but I found it to be way over-hyped.

    With regards to Vogue, I hear the elevator needs a room key so you will need to greet the SP and go up together.

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    The Vogue does indeed need a room key for the elevator. What I do is go to the reception desk and tell them Mr. X in room 123 is expecting me. They call the room to verify and then either give me a key or use their key to let me up. As long as I am dressed appropriately I do not see a problem.

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