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Thread: Dee wonders... is it really GG?

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    Dee wonders... is it really GG?

    Is it just me or do others wonder if it really is GG posting under that handle?

    While the attempt is there to capture the content, the style seems somehow somewhat different.

    Of course my mind turns to the master of mayhem and mischief... but that may not be fair, just as I have to admit that I tend to blame my son-in-law for anything that goes wrong even though he is half a world away.

    Are others wondering too?

    (and a footnote on styles: eastender - there is an enormous difference between analogy and hyperbole.... if hyperbole is part of an analogy, the hyperbole part wins out...)
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    OK everyone,

    This stops now. If one more person starts a thread about GG, or continues to complain about the fact that his ban was lifted, they will be suspended for the rest of 2008. This is not the GG review board. Don't you all have other things to post about? Enough already.

    No more warnings. Any more posts on this subject will be removed and result in an instant ban.

    And to answer your question: Yes, it is GG and not an imposter.

    Thread closed.


    EDIT: If someone wants to comment, PM a mod instead of posting on the board.

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