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Thread: Plus ca change pas, plus c'est pareil!

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    Cool Plus ca change pas, plus c'est pareil!

    Nothing is changed, same double standards!

    Maxima and everyone else,

    I have been giving GG a bit of extra leeway in his replies for the simple fact that since his return he has been the subject of almost non stop attack and criticism. How would any one of you feel if upon your return from a suspension almost the entire focus of the board was turned towards yourself? Other members have returned from their suspensions in the last little while with nary a notice paid to them. But everyone has to make a big deal about this one particular case.

    This has gone on long enough. It`s time to get back to regular board business. We do not have the time to continue monitoring threads based on this subject and I am rapidly running out of patience. The decision has been made to lift GG`s suspension and it will stand.

    Seeing as this thread just will not get back on subject:


    MOD 8

    Encore une fois, je ne comprends pas pourquoi un MOD décide de fermer un thread.

    C`est vrai que je devrais être habitué à celà; dès qu`une discussion ose souligner, ou remettre en question, une de leurs décisions... C`est pas long qu`ils tirent la plogue... À croire que quand la soupe est chaude... Hé les gars, oubliez pas qu`on est au Québec ici et que chialler c`est notre sport national!

    Personnellement, j`ignorait que General GrosNaZe avait été banni, j`ai donc pas eu le temps de m`ennuyer de lui. J`ignore la durée de sa sanction et s`il a payé toute sa dette envers la satiété MERBienne Tant mieux s`il a réussit à se gagner un retour accéléré, en se taillant un chemin entre les montagnes velues de VousavezKi*. Moi aussi GG me choque parfois, mais surtout, il me fait bien rire.

    Ce qui fait la vitalité d`un forum, c`est l`échange d`idées et la variété des sujets. Bien d`accord que le but premier de MERB soit l`évaluation des services offerts par les TDS; mais il est également intéressant de percevoir nos confrères et consoeurs sous un autre jour que celui de la copulation à répétition.

    Il y a des membres que j`adore qui ont été forcé de quitté ce forum et d`autre que je déteste royalement. C`est bizarre mais je finis toujours par m`ennuyer d`eux... C`est comme un match de lutte, on a tous besoin d`adversaires! Ca prends des gentils et des méchants pour faire un MERB dynamique.

    Au plaisir de croiser le fer avec vous!


    *PS Si vous savez qui est "VousavezKi" vous me le direz, car j`en ai pas la moindre idée I had the intention to post this, in both french and english, but now I`m not so sure... Please forgive my lazyness!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dray
    Nothing is changed, same double standards!
    It's not a double standard; it's the application of the principles of Alice in Wonderland and Humpty Dumpty. I've set out these principles in a post in a thread where a poster said he had 2 handles. For ease of reference I reproduce that post here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    Sheesh ... the rest of you guys.... don't you know what the absolute prohibition against multiple handles means... some of you think it means you are prohibited from having multiple handles... what a narrow-minded, perverse interpretation... that's the kind that would lead you to stupidly believe that the second life time ban for someone was a lifetime ban.... these literal interreptations have to stop.... otherwise we'll start to lose respect for the Mods...

    The Mods' interpretations are solidly grounded in Alice In Wonderland and Humpty Dumpty:

    If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?

    Humpty Dumpty: “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.”

    And stop baiting those with 2 handles for Gawd's sake...

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    I thought Mod 8 warned people not to start dumb threads on why my ban was removed?

    I realize that many of you have a life mission to see me banned, but there is a lot more to life than just GG.

    The same individuals who harp on me are the ones that offer NO insight on this board. Like miserable old fools, all they do is whine and bitch: "Why was GG's ban removed?".

    "There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it."
    - Oscar Wilde

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    Hello everyone,

    The reason I closed that thread is that it, like so many others these days, wandered off topic to focus on one individual poster. Despite my warnings posted in that thread.

    I have in the past, and will continue into the future, to close any thread that goes too far off topic or turns into a flame war. Warnings which I post in these threads are routinely ignored and leave me two choices: either I start banning posters or I close the thread. I have chosen to close the thread. In the future, perhaps I will take another direction and begin handing out suspensions instead to those who continue to ignore the moderators' warnings.

    It is quite simple to PM a mod if you wish some information on why a particular decision was taken. But for some reason many of our decisions seem to be turned into threads questioning them lately.

    So if anyone wishes to discuss the general decisions of the moderators I will permit this thread to remain open. If anyone so much as tries to turn this into another thread centered around the decision to lift a certain member's ban, this thread will be closed, removed and they will find themselves banned for 2 months. This is my last word on that subject.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mod 5
    GG may be opinionated, but he is not as bad as some think. Lets try to keep the focus away from GG, and more on the providers.
    Opinionated? You know that SPs are all lying skank puttas? Right? And all clients (almost all) are delusional fools that get conned left, right, and center?

    How dare you call me opinionated?


    P.S. Time off did me a lot of good. I doubt I will ever be as prolific as before. I am growing old and cynical, but I remain horny as ever.
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    "There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it."
    - Oscar Wilde

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Gonad
    Opinionated? You know that SPs are all lying skank puttas? Right? And clients are all (almost all) delusional fools that get conned left, right, and center?
    Just hang on for a minute while I run the Board rule about being respectful through the Humpty Dumpty to English translator.. I know of no one else, let alone someone with a record like our friend, who, without consequence, can:

    a. make such scurrilous, truly demeaning comments against the SPs who are members (some paying) of the Board and all others ladies in the industry,

    b. gratuitously insult the majority of board members, and

    c. resume, in a barely veiled way, his obsessive attacks against another member in an attempt to wound him.

    What bothers me the most, and I expect others as well, is not that he is back, but the weak, unprincipled attempts at justifying his return and blaming the "victims" for his actions... are the Mods getting advice from Sarah Palin on how to make their presentations. You can do whatever you want to, but don't insult us with untruths and pretend that it's all within the customary business of the Board.

    There is more then meets the eye here... it would be nice/fascinating to know, but I doubt we will (until it inevitably leaks out through back channels) what really lead to his reinstatement and the continuing tolerance of conduct that wouldn't be accepted by the Mods if it were other members who comported themselves in such a manner.

    I expect that a small measure of truth would restore some measure of respect for the decision makers. Let me help. You could post:

    "We have, as is our prerogative, decided/been directed, for reasons which we will not disclose, to allow the return of an oft banned member before the expiration of his most recent banning. The conduct that previously got him banned will be now tolerated (for him only, not for others). This is a complete double standard which cannot and will not be justified. Suck it up and live with it. Best personal regards, the Mods."
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    Thumbs up Dee-meaning, dee-ranged, dee-balanced,...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    What bothers me the most, and I expect others as well, is not that he is back, but the weak, unprincipled attempts at justifying his return and blaming the "victims" for his actions... are the Mods getting advice from Sarah Palin on how to make their presentations.
    Bullshit, what bothers you the most is that I am back and that you can't do a damn thing about it except rant ad nauseam in post after post, thread after thread, life after life.

    And asking whether the Mods are "getting advice from Sarah Palin"? WTF? Talk about insulting...if I were a Mod, I would ban you a month just for that snide remark.

    "There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it."
    - Oscar Wilde

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    Nous sommes l'écho des propos de suffit de le laisser vivre. Montrez lui l'exemple, vivre et laissez vivre. Il devrait ou bien:
    - se tanner
    - apprendre et évoluer
    - se taire

    Arretons de faire des polémiques sur les propos de GG. Je suis certain que le jour ou ses propos se perdront dans le vide, il apprendra à mettre un peu d'eau dans son vin.

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    Wink Intéressant

    Voici un sujet démarré en français avec plusieurs contributions unilingues anglaises. Je suis fier de mes collègues francophones qui ne se sont pas plaints . Je suis certain qu'ils ont utilisé des traducteurs au besoin, plutôt que de faire des vagues.

    Here we have a topic originally started in French, and it gained several uniligual English replies. I am proud of my francophone colleagues who did not see fit to complain . I am sure they resorted to translators as required, instead of making waves.
    Une vie sans folie, c'est une vie sans goût / Life without craziness, is life without taste

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    I warned everyone what would happen if this thread continued to focus on one subject.

    I have banned one poster, let's try to leave it there shall we?

    Thread closed.

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