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Thread: Moncton S/C with extra

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    Moncton S/C with extra

    Do you know if there is a S/C in Moncton that you can get extras like CBJ or/and FS?


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    Hey LLD,

    There are no extras in Moncton SCs any more. One place (the former Miss Behavin') used to offer extras but they were shut down last year. They re-opened last spring as the Bada Bing.

    There are now only 2 SCs in Moncton, Angie's Show Palace (technically in Dieppe) and Bada Bing, on Mountain Road and neither of them offer extras. (There was a 3rd place, Night Magic, also on Mountain Road, that burned down 3 or 4 weeks ago, in a fire that is still being investigated.)

    Check out for more information on Moncton SCs. Remember that SCs in the Maritimes are nowhere as plentiful as in Montreal. Plus, dances are $20 a song in Moncton. An evening can get expensive pretty quick!

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    Thanks Chevy for replying. I decided to check it out for myself and I was there yesterday afternoon. I met Amanda and I was very happy with what I found out. I agree with you - $20 lapdance the night can be expensive but as long as you leave the club with a "happy ending" that is what matter.


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    Hey LLD:

    Very true. We always want happy endings eh?? Glad you enjoyed your visit.


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