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Thread: New Sports Forum!!!

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    New Sports Forum!!!

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that there is now a new sports forum on the board. Seeing as there was a demand for this I brought it up with Fred Zed and he had it set up. I will be moving the sports threads there as I find them. If anyone sees a thread that belongs in that section, notify me by PM and I will move it to the proper place.


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    Quote Originally Posted by UNDFTD
    You are assuming the community in sports forums as having a very strong escorts interest. Actually, the lounge section of these sports forums doesn't have 6 escort-related threads on the first page alone, much less 1 like our street action forum. So I don't think it would be prudent to make such an assumption or suggestion to board administrators.

    My argument is simply that there is a clear interest amongst the community as evidenced by the number of threads and that addressing this interest in a separate forum could have positive results. Is that spin easier on your sensibilities?

    While I appreciate your stewardship to Fred and mention of other forums was not meant to incite a loyalist response or as negative comparison...only to indicate I for one, would frequent this board a bit more if I could get a sports fix as well.

    Regardless of position, I think the suggestion and related criticism is fair.
    Cheers to super hiro and all who advocated this...and to Mod 8 for changing his perspective on the value of a sports forum and seeing it through. Well done, thanks.

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    Hello Mod8,

    At last...a place to isolate and quarantine Joe.t syndrome.

    Many thanks,

    Korbie: of the Boston Red Sox Nation...the NBA Champion Boston Celtics Pride...and...the New England Patriots Dynasty!

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    and to prevent the Maple Laffs super fan to be laugh at in the lounge

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