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Thread: Cyber-clap Alerts. STD Warnings, now online

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    Cyber-clap Alerts. STD Warnings, now online

    Seems like a good thing:

    Online Service Alerts Dates to Possible STD Exposure
    by Darklady
    CYBERSPACE -- One of the downsides to the sexual revolution was a vast increase in opportunities for various sexually-related infections to discover and explore new physical territories. Today, having the “STD Talk” is nearly as common as having the “do you come here often.” Or, it should be.

    For those times when the subject just didn’t come up and should have – or there was a calculated risk – there’s now inSPOT.

    The relative anonymity of the internet comes to the aid of the tongue-tied, terrified, or minimally responsible, thanks to inSPOT’s STD testing encouragement e-cards, which allow one-time or moresome lovers to clue the recipient in about their possible risk.
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ - inspot internet notification service for partners or TRICKS
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    Someone should turn this into a Facebook application.
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