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Thread: Escort Tipping is Expected?

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    Escort Tipping is Expected?

    I've never gotten an escort in Montreal before. I'm just wondering if I do during this trip, is a tip above the initial cost or fee expected? I guess some guys will tip and some won't, but does the girl have expectations of getting a tip? I'm sure the agency gets a portion of the initial fee.

    Hope this isn't a stupid question.

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    Well link72, I think I`ve seen a similar thread like this one in the past when I was going throught the archives. Maybe someone could point to this one?

    In my opinion, when I receive a very good service from a girl, I make sure to let her know by adding an additional 20-40$ to the initial fee. This will go directly to her and the agency won`t have any of that. But the tip in Montreal is not obliged, but I`m sure it`s appreciated from the ladies. Don`t feel oblige to give one, it`s like any service, if you are not satisfied why would you tip ?

    hope it helps


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