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Thread: shooting at an agency

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    Question shooting at an agency

    Has anybody heard about the shooting in the streets of Montreal toward Hot2Touch and Glamour`s drivers.

    It all happen in the last four days, one of their drivers was involved in a car accident, and the next day while the other driver was going on a call they were the target of a crazy guy. It was a chase in the streets of Montreal and finaly the driver and the escorts got out of it with few holes in the vehicule.


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    Where'd you hear of this?

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    It was in a cafe on St-catherine, wed. or thurs. night. Two young girls walked in white like ghosts and told the waiter what had just happened. Since, did not heard about it but the girls and drivers dont show up anymore.


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    It is a 24hr cafe in the west end, between Fort st. and St-Marc, it has a terrasse and it is next to an Irish pub.
    The one girl went to the waiter, told him what just happenned, but was too nervous she walked out immediately.
    That agency usually go there every day to kill time, the waiter was saying. He said they were from Hot2Touch and Glamour.


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    I think you are right. Somebody told me also Cafe Express. But the shooting happenned on the streets, not there. The driver did not come in the cafe that night, most probably he was with the cops.
    Anyhow, was just asking if anyone heard about it.


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