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Thread: # that have been calling me lately

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    # that have been calling me lately




    I pick and noone answers, tried to look them up but no luck

    Can anyone tell me where these #'s are coming from?


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    Likely National Bank

    Only hunted down one... this link talks about it and a possible solution:

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    Thanks Dee, that site was perfect for what I need

    I found all 3 numbers and it seems alot of people have the same problems

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    Before elections, NDP was doing some calls with a robot and nobody was at the other end when we picked-up.
    There's also a US company who is prompt to congratulates you for an all expenses paid trip to Daytona and Orlando, yours free after you give them your credit card number to pay for "registration fees" of about $400...

    It's amazing how many times just entering the phone number in Googles will provides positive hits!

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