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Thread: looking for a party (rave) in montreal on may 24 weekend (preferably on saturday)

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    Question looking for a party (rave) in montreal on may 24 weekend (preferably on saturday)

    i know, i know. first post and off topic. but i'm not really from montreal (tend to stick to terb much more).

    i'll be in montreal for may 24 weekend for my stag, and am curious if anybody knows of any rave party that might be happening that weekend that would be worth checking out?

    any info appreciated


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    cool. thanks to both of you. right now it looks like Aria will be it. Oh well, when you can't find a rave a club will have to do.

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    Hmm....The 24th of may is a monday....
    I checked around my undergrounder raver ressources and frankly, my opinion is that you will be getting better milage out of Aria than any small underground Rave parties.

    Just my 2cents.

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    Long time listener first time caller, if I may i would suggest STEREO over Aria, depends what type of scene you are used to but Stereo tends to attract a crowd similiar to the old days of warehouse/loft parties. Also it is a little more gay friendly and that tends to attract the super hotties who hate getting hit on every 2 seconds.

    Either way both are pretty close by (actually on the same street just a few blocks away from each other) and worth the trip.

    Stay cool,

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    hey spin, thanks for the info, it's been a while since i've been to any party, but i would be much happier with something similiar to the old style party!

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