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Thread: SP needs web site.

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    SP needs web site.

    I have met an SP that thinks she needs a web site to promote herself, I have offered to help her out in this endeavor. Does anyone out there know of a free web hosting site that I can put her pics on? I have seen web sites that offer a counter (device to see how many visits the site has recieved) Any help on this mattr would be apreciated

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    The free web site that comes to mind and that a lot of indy SP use is

    Can't help you with the counter though...

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    Bonjour Hulk!

    I sent you a pm, but i'm not sure you read it..
    I don't know if it's still free but she could ask to advertise on
    Your sp friend could also pay only 50$-3months and advertise on if she really don't have a site nor money to built one !I Wish her luck!


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