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Thread: Why are SP rates in Toronto.....

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    Why are SP rates in Toronto.....

    much higher than in Mtl? actually Mtl seems lower than anywhere in Canada and the SP's here seem much more beautifull and classy..... just my opinon, thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgna69xxx
    much higher than in Mtl? actually Mtl seems lower than anywhere in Canada and the SP's here seem much more beautifull and classy..... just my opinon, thoughts?
    I'm going to guess the cost of living, average salary of the client or more agency/indy competition?

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    60$ nude blowjob incalls all over toronto

    in to now magazine is better than internet
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    low supply, high demand

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    low supply, high demand
    also lower per capita income...?

    i haven't researched the stats but from the looks of things around montreal, there don't seem to be a lot of wealthy people around here. this is merely based upon my observation from living here for a short time.

    if there was a larger upper middle class income base the general lifestyle commodities (food/restos/shopping/cars) would consist of far more world class caliber products. it doesn't appear montreal can support those entities on an ongoing basis.

    if it weren't for the girls i'd be outta here...

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    Bien oui c'est sure que la demoiselle que tu rencontre a Toronto ou Montréal va te vendre sa salade La fille va te dire ce que tu désire entendre quand tu la paye. Pour les motels c'est comme ici et ailleurs il y en a des bons et moins bons

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    Just the thought of the Chablis just gives me the shakes

    The price difference if there really is one is due to a different typical customer profile. There are significantly more out of town businessmen in Toronto at any given time than in Montreal. Hotel is already expensed and they can afford the odd treat.
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    From my perspective, there really isn't a difference in cost.

    It all depends what you are looking for and expecting. Incall is king in Toronto
    with some very nice agency ladies available for $200 -240 all in and located in nice accommodation. To go for a comparable hotel room , would be at least $ 100 plus tax and then the same hourly rate. In Montreal nice agency ladies @ $160 -200 PLUS hotel . The result is a comparable cost to a nice Toronto incall.

    Then there is the St. Catherines/ Niagara Falls On area only an hour away.

    If a Toronto agency lady is receiving $120-140 per hour of the $200-240 client cost, many have also taken the opportunity to turn independent and at $160-200, can undercut the agency and improve their income. Especially appealing for those that don't wish to do high volume and for whom it is an income supplement, not their entire source of income.

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    i can only speak about the places i know,, but quebec city and niagara falls region are also 180,, so it seems like montreal is about the same as other places besdies toronto,, and the U.S. but its illegal here(U.S.) so thats why,, toronto seems to be the anomoly in this whole thing
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    Becuae they can.

    Quote Originally Posted by lgna69xxx
    much higher than in Mtl? actually Mtl seems lower than anywhere in Canada and the SP's here seem much more beautifull and classy..... just my opinon, thoughts?

    They charge more in Toronto because they can. If they can charge double, I have no doubt that they would do so. Why are Montreal SPs much better looking? They are not realy better looking as much as they are better dressed and prepare their make-up mych more carefully and are more eager to please the clients to encourage return visits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria Divina
    and if we were thinking about the majority of unilingual french canadians girls/ladies who are just confined to stay in Montreal for their private meetings and having no other choices, maybe that could explain a little part why the donation here are so different too.... I think, just because we are in a sea of english speakers all around here, like possibly all others occupations, the best opportunity can come to you if you are bilangual at least, trilangual at the best.... Maybe my thoughts are not well explain, but I hope that you could understand my idea....

    Bye, I am going to look for my passport...

    Maria Divina,

    You have hit on a valid point, there are unilingual ladies in Montreal that do not have the upward mobility to move into the upper levels od SP-dom and service the high buck tourist that come to Montreal. They do not even have the side to side mobility to go to another city becuase their choices are limited to Montreal and Quebec city.

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    Maybe cost of living is a factor but then again, isn't there other cities in Canada that have even lower costs of living but the SP rates are actually higher? Prairies? Maritimes?

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday
    Hey Rene, i wasn't exactly referring to the cockroach motel-type of dives that you seem to enjoy sleeping at.

    I was referring to the 3 & 4 star establishments that visitors to both cities usually stay at when booking hotels through PL & HW.
    Fucking hilarious.

    Vive le Québec libre!!!

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    You got that right Joe.t !

    Some hilarious tw**t thinks Toronto has far more world class caliber products in the food/resto

    As for paying more for the same services.... ha ! bunch of [email protected]*s altogether. Feels like Boston all over !

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    While on the TO vs Mtl thing.

    Why is the incall world in Montreal so ghetto compared to Toronto. Outcalls seems to be great, but reading the incall section and it is disterbing.

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