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Thread: US Thanksgiving weekend

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    US Thanksgiving weekend

    is this usually a crazy busy weekend for the strip clubs and agencies? is it a good weekend to stay away?

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    only from the perspective of having to go through US airports and other travel venues

    which is likely to be diminished this year due to concerns about the economy

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLB
    is this usually a crazy busy weekend for the strip clubs and agencies? is it a good weekend to stay away?
    I was thinking the same thing. I think the airports will be packed tonight, but probably not on Friday. Anybody think the agencies will have a big selection to choose from this weekend?

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    Thanksgiving was in October in Canada. This week, it's business as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday
    When does Quebec celebrate Thanksgiving? I know Canada celebrated it in mid-October & the States are celebrating it later today....but i've always wondered if & when Quebec celebrates it.

    When Canada does

    Quebec isnt independant YET..........

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    Its called l'Action de Grace au Quebec and it used to be important until la revolution tranquille mainly. (Read your history books)

    For those who wants to stir shit again about Quebec !!! It has nothing to do with 'Canada' per say since Canada was officially born on 1867.

    And no it's not just a North American type of holiday and no it's not coming only from the pilgrims and/or the natives.

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    Contrary to what maz might say, people do celebrate Thanksgiving here in Quebec along with the rest of Canada. It's just that Canada doesn't celebrate it with the same overwhelming commercial gusto that the US does. And yes...on Thanksgiving many people in the province of Quebec do eat turkey or maybe a nice baked ham.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazingerz
    Personne de mon entourage fête ça en tout cas. Et je ne connais personne de ma ville qui parle même une seconde de l'Action de Grâce. Il y en a même qui ne savent même pas quand ça a lieu. Peut-être vous les anglos vous le fêtez davantage, ça je ne sais pas.
    Bonjour Mazingerz,

    Mon bon ami dans Montréal est 100% Français. Il a célébré sur le 13 octobre.

    I try to respect you, but you seem determined at times to irrationally separate yourself from everything that has any connection to les Anglais. I am not so fond of the English either, but let's not make ourselves look foolish. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving in the same way, on the same day, or give it the same importance is irrelevant. According to my French friend it's the same reason for the holiday. So trying to deny all connection is illogical. You will make a better point if you do it more rationally.

    Bonne soiree,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday
    Damn, that's too bad! No turkey, no football.......terrible!
    Labour Day is the traditional football weekend: Montreal vs. BC on Friday, Winnipeg at Saskatchewan on Sunday; Toronto at Hamilton on Monday and Edmonton at Calgary also on Monday.

    There are always two Thanksgiving Day games as well, but they vary from year to year.

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    Don't worry Doc is still trying to figure out what Canada is all about including the Maple Leaf ! Yup on mange d'la dinde man ! a Nowell !!! et jour de l'an !

    I know many on the west island, in the townships and near the border that celebrates Thanksgiving and yet so few knows that this is coming actually from the people fleeing the USA to keep being 'Loyal' to the Queen.

    Can you imagine ? fleeing the states to come in Québec and then... fleeing to Toronto because they couldn't learn the language !


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