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Thread: BUUUUURRRRRKKKKK!!! DATY no more...

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    Arrow BUUUUURRRRRKKKKK!!! DATY no more...

    I need to learn the best way to perfomed some type of PROTECTED DATY or else a lot of woman will start to be sad and unhappy. Is there a technique cause pure DATY is to risky for me as a matter of fact just check your mouth's pH after doing DATY ... Don't get me wrong I looove doing DATY but only with a selected few on a selected timeline. DATY is very important in fucking /or and making love, but unprotected no More.
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    In sex ed, I had a course on how to use protection efficiently. I was tought that a condom can be sliced open (in order to make a rectangle) and can be held on top of the female's genitalias in order to cover it. I've also seen this recommendation made by a physician on tv in a "sex talk" show.

    Obviously, that implies you are not providing double stimulation of the clitoris (tongue) and g-spot (fingers) since the protective membrane would then lose all of it's purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetercock
    I need to learn the best way to perfomed some type of PROTECTED DATY

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    PH after DATY

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetercock
    just check your mouth's pH after doing DATY ....
    It has been many years since my chemistry, however I remeber that the PH measures the degree acidity or the basisity. Are we not more concerned about germs, bacteria, and viruses than we are with the PH factor.

    Try measuring your ph factor after sucking a lemon or an orange. Should I discontinue that as well..........

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    Smile normal flora

    I Maria, well to answer your question: woman have an hormone that they secrete it is call oestrogen that essential hormone for woman causes an accumulation of glycogen in your vagina . That glycogen then causes the vagina to be colonized by a bacteria called lactobacillus those lactobacillus feeds on the glycogen which then produces a waste product called lactic acid therefore the vagina's pH becomes ACIDIC . That acidic condition provides a necessary place for the lactobacillus to proliferate and gives that normal flora which creates a barrier effect or a microbial antagonist protecting the vagina against some dangerous microorganisms like Candida albicans.
    if this ecosystem is afected or becomes unbalance (taking a birth control pill ,getting pregnant or antibiotics can all be a cause of unbalance) the vagina is at risk of getting an infection called vaginitis... all those explanation made me thirsty but I decided to be on that JUICE diet now.... lol.
    Do you happen to know other safe way of perfoming DATY without the dental dam thing . I know I know but what can I say i am a pussy slurper...
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    lol..... nice

    This is a very profond answer , seriously I think we're getting somewhere here. Could this really mean that this is the end of unprotected daty for me. I was sooo good at this... thank you for the answer.
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    Use someone else's mouth.


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    Quote Originally Posted by juzt_a_girl
    Scientists find that performing cunnilingus on a blow-up doll is 100% risk free.

    "...Their findings indicated that increased risks were associated with used blow-up dolls however."

    I thought the problem was with heightened danger from explosion with over-inflated blow-up dolls JAG.

    Seriously, are you more concerned about this risk than say a heart attack for instance or the chance of having an accident while in a car ? Everything we do in life seems to have some degree of risk; eating, drinking, etc. The answer seems to be in managing that risk and not taking careless life threatening chances. One of the ways that you can reduce your risk is being careful and selective in who you spend your time with. Being with someone who is responsible and knows how to take care of and monitor herself. She no more wishes to have a problem than you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juzt_a_girl
    Now, we need to start a thread about the dangers of kissing. I`d like to know why those people who won`t DATY `because eww, I could catch something` turn around and say `but kissing is a must`. If I have a cold, or any pre-cold symptoms, I won`t work. I`d hope you wouldn`t contact me for a date either. You know how many bacteria live in our mouths? It`s such a warm and cozy place for cold viruses to live... Not to mention strep throat and mono But eww, DATY... Especially with a girl that gets tested monthly, as I always have. I mean, you might as well cross the street without looking: bang, you`re dead!

    ewwww DATY... but please do not use a condom to put my dick in your mouth... even though I just saw three girls before you.

    it goes both ways. Those concerned about performing DATY on me, I am concerned about for them.

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    What I find repugnant is the idea of a woman sucking 5 dicks before kissing within a small time interval.

    Making some convo with some ``escort`` I asked why she charged for , not that I was interested myself, but she came up with the dumbest answer: ``I`m concerned about my health. It`s for my `protection`.`` STDS do not discriminate rich or poor.

    Another one charged 100$ for anal and I asked her why so much (I wasn`t bargaining her I just ask these questions for no particular reason.) She told me that she was small and it really hurted her, well then if it hurts that much just avoid doing it, dumb bitch.

    Bottom line, assume the risks you`re taking by understanding them and being well aware of the impacts and if you get shit out of it then, live with it, don`t complain and blame yourself.

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    Ok everyone, relax, the experts are here. Gosh, it makes me nervous, when those who otherwise don't have a clue start talking in "scientificeese" without having any knowledge what they speak of. At some point all women will have candial (yeast) infections in their genitourinary systems irregardless of SP non SP and others. Moreover, please do not put litmus paper in your mouth to measure pH. If you find DATY risky disgusting:

    1. Do not do it
    2. Use a dental dam.
    3. Use saran wrap.

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    Thumbs down Now what type of condom is better to use as dam

    does anybody know good what are the best condom to use to construct a devtal dam ... and putting lubrification helps to the ladies pleasure, but some are dangerous for the pussies's flora because of certain spermicide ... Any exchange on that, anyone.

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    Saran Wrap.

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    You do make a point, but come to think of it, is it secon nature (ie isn't it just as weird) to cut a condom open and make a dam.

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    I would not use any Japanese condoms. They're just too small for our huge Canadian vaginas. Also, stay away from Chinese condoms as the melamine additive can interact with the vaginal flora and, if the PH is too high, can cause toxic shock, which can be a mood killer.

    I use Resinite. It is an "all purpose film", comes is a 2500 foot roll (762 meters) and can be purchased at Costco for under $15, including taxes!!! That's the equivalent over 6000 cut condoms (yes, I did the math), and no sharp razor blades or scissors to handle!! (always safety first).
    It has a high PH tolerance and as a bonus also protects against low Alcalinity. Because, we all know that the real culprit is an Alcalinity imbalance... which throws off the PH and then all hell breaks loose!
    You should wrap the Resinite completely around your head two or three times prior to performing cunnilingus. This will assure a germ-free, flora-free, PH-&-Alcaline-Free, and air-tight barrier between you and your partner, ensuring that there is no transfer of fluids or bacteria whatsoever.

    With this new knowledge and tools, you'll become the talk of the SP community in no time!

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