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    New Agency

    Hello Merb folk.

    As of this post I have not yet completed the advertising info on MERB. End of business today. See the advertising sections for more info as it happens.

    Here is a little taste:

    An agency with a difference.
    Affordable second, 3rd, 4th etc. hours.
    Profit sharing with girls (more of your money will go to them and not the agency)
    Professional and courteous staff to answer phones and book appointments.
    WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get. No bait and switch.

    We are welcoming suggestions, questions, comments and we're hiring. (TBD)


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    n : (Greek mythology) a box that Zeus gave to Pandora with instructions that she not open it; she gave in to her curiosity and opened it; all the miseries and evils flew out to afflict mankind

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    I am aware of the meaning, and there is a reason I have chosen this particular name and reference - for one thing, it's going to be very fun to play on the double entendre we have...being that the story of Pandora's Box is thousands of years old, we really don't know exactly /what/ these "miseries" and "evils" were. Could they perhaps be the lusts and desirous thoughts that we suffer as humans? We are all slaves to our sexual natures - and to resist those wants and desires opens a veritable Pandora's Box of nastiness...psychological, emotional, AND physical.

    Sex and lust is part of the human condition, and yet the sex act and lustful feelings have long been viewed as "taboo". Pandora was a Greek woman, perhaps when she opened the box, she released the idea and stigma that freedom with sex and lust seems to carry in our society today...instead of the actual miseries and evils that seem to be associating with the legend.

    I am confident that you will love the agency, its operators, and the lovely goddesses who will deign to act as its escorts. Don't worry so much about the name, and instead worry about how you are going to be able to wait an entire week until we open!

    And besides, a little evil (like that which was supposedly released from the original Pandora's box) never hurt fact, some might say the addition of a teaspoon of evil to our daily lives makes things a little more naughty, a little more fun, and a LOT more interesting!

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