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Thread: Penis size?

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    Penis size?

    To the workers(masseuses,escorts) what is the average penis size that you girls
    see? I'm kinda shy with my size.
    Anybody here with the same problem? Horny dog but shy?
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    Sorry you are mistaking me another one...who's tony?

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    Well, I ocouldn't answe for any SP's, but "average" is about 6 inches hard.

    If you're implying you're small, I don't think It'd be a problem as long as you're respectful. I'm sure escorts see all sort of sizes and strange &^%* on a regular basis.

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    i`m 5,5 inch . I always get nervous in massage parlours and i dunno if it`s the size or it`s natural..
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    My Penis!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shyguyr
    what is the average penis size that you guys see?
    Sorry, I don't let "guys" see or touch my penis!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff247
    Sorry, I don't let "guys" see or touch my penis!!!
    lol sorry i meant to say girls

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    YOu are very much within the range of normal. All of us working girls have seen smaller, of that I am quite certain.

    Do not compare yourself to what you see on film, those guys do not represent the average guy, just as those girls do not look like the average girl.

    Check out this web site:
    it should make you feel better about yourself.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    I am asian so it doesn`t help having people thinking we are smaller than the average . I appreciate the comment thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyguyr
    To the workers(masseuses,escorts) what is the average penis size that you girls
    see? I'm kinda shy with my size.
    Anybody here with the same problem? Horny dog but shy?
    The experts say the average penis size is the same length equivalence a can of Pepsi.
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    The importance is CAN YOU USE IT? If my finger can make me happy, my deduction is any size penis can. The importance is to be in touch with the desires and pleasure of the other person you are with. And if you are too nervous, you can always use your mouth... I like mouth.. hihihi
    Smile and the world will smile with you

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    Cool Words of wisdom!

    As the wise old player once said, "It's not da size of da wea-pon. It's da fury of de attack!"
    Confucius say: Man who take woman into house on side of hill - not on level.

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    Shyguyr ne t'en fais pas pour la longeur de ton engin, il y a des filles qui aiment ça long, d'autre qui aiment ça court, l'important c'est pas la longueur de l'engin mais le temps, plus le temps est long mieux c'est parole d'un connaisseur.
    C'est m'arrivé une fois dans un gang bang, il y avait un gars avec un engin long jamais vu, nous tous on avait envie du gars, sauf que le gars s'est fait dire par les filles qu'il n'a pas droit de trop foncer son engin, même il y avait une fille qui a mis carrément un tape sur son pénis pour lui montrer la limite qui peut enfoncer son engin et il y avait une fille normalement qui aime l'anal lui interdi de la toucher. Donc tu vois le grand engin c'est pas toujours avantageux.
    Et surtout quand tu appelles une escorte et tu lui dis que tu es un noir, souvent tu te fais refuser, ce n'est pas parce que la fille est raciste, mais parce que la très bonne réputation de l'engin qui fait peur aux filles.
    Moi avec un petit engin, j'ai 20% des filles trouvent que mon engin gratte sur le bon bobo , le reste 80% des escortes trouvent avec moi l'ouvrage est moins fatigant , donc soyez positif si tu as un petit engin les escortes vont te trouver sympa car pour eux avec toi la job est moins fatigant

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebitchelor
    btw it isnt hijacking here cuz ive got the same opinion about a penis...i prefer a normal size who can ride me or that i can ride for a while than a man with a big and nice one but who isnt able to play with me more than 10 minutes without cuming
    Hey B,

    Ya are teasing me again. When I see hot little phrases like this it automatically connects in my mind to those pics of you, then my hormones start racing and my while body feels flushed...even my toes. You sure know how to manipulate a guys penis But, give me a break baby. It not fair to start something I can't finish so far from Montreal.

    Bad Bitch-elor



    Love breasts.
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    thanks guys for the comments, even if i`m shy about my size. I still like to flash and be seen on the internet. So i`m kinda stuck in the between lol cuz i would never do this in real life, even if it`s aches me to do so...

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    "Compared to other primates, even larger primates such as the gorilla, the male human genitalia are remarkably large. The human penis is both longer and thicker than that of any other primate both in absolute terms and in relative size compared with the rest of the body."

    Go to the zoo, stand in front of the gorilla cage, whip out your penis and laugh at the gorilla. It should make you feel better.

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