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Thread: Guy caught by cop with a streetwalker

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    LOL this is pretty funny

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    In a house, on a street, duh.
    I love the fact that they keep using fake MUC cops and cars. Next time one tries to pull me over, I'll tell the judge I thought it was Just For Laughs.
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    You can also pretend that whole courtroom is part of the just for laughs prank... Then, when you get to jail, you can tell the warden that the whole gag has really gone too far and ask to see the hidden camera.

    Most of the montreal cops seem less real than the actors they use on these videos. I always ask them if they are joking...


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    The main problem is that there aren't any street girls in Montreal that are that hot!

    There used to be in the good old days though!

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    tu aurais lair dun vrai stupide défendre ta cause devant un juge lolllll
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    So ladies remember not to drop your cash because some good Samaritan might get stopped for soliciting!

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