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Thread: Tuesday's Gorgeous Devils (Charlie is back!!!!)

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    Talking Tuesday's Gorgeous Devils (Charlie is back!!!!)

    Good Morning to all!!!!

    Here are your TUESDAY DECEMBER 30, 2008 DAYTIME DEVILS (Fri Dec 26, 2008)

    The 18 year old STUNNING BEAUTY ... CHARLIE

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    ++++ Here are your WEDNESDAY NEW YEAR'S EVE' DAYTIME DEVILS!!!!, I am taking ADVANCED BOOKINGS for WEDNESDAY's girls (DECEMBER 31, 2008) TODAY!!!!

    These two are INCREDIBLY HOT it almost doesn't make sense!!!!
    And YES OMFG they do DUOS and lord do they LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!

    CHRISTINA ...20 yrs 5'3 110lbs 34b black hair blue eyes tanned Qc

    RILEY... 19yrs 5'6 115lbs 34c brown hair brown eyes Qc

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    Please call BILLY to make an appointment

    **** Please note that the DEVILISH MEMBERS FORUM located on our homepage is now up and running. If you haven't registered yet ... YOU SHOULD and can BY CLICKING HERE!!!! Its FREE to register and being a member is the ONLY WAY to take advantage of our DAILY SPECIALS!!!!
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    Talking Tuesday Night @ Devilish

    Good afternoon everyone

    Tonight's sexy devils are

    Jessie...5'7 115lbs 34c blonde hair brown eyes...(blonde bombshell from xxxtase)
    Italian chica
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