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Thread: These kids will have major issues in high school

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    These kids will have major issues in high school

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    that fuck up.
    the mother should get arrested!
    im back

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    Those kids will have major issues as adults! That's bordering on child abuse as far as I'm concerned.
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    Not that I agree or disagree but, you guys care to elaborate on what type of problems this might cause? Aren't the problems going to appear when the kids are told it's wrong? Until then, where's the harm?

    It's just me having problems with peoples expressing such dry-cut upinions without any facts to prove them.

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    I dont blame the kids, I blame the mother

    She probably gets off on it

    The kids dont know that what they are doing is wrong

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    She's probably one of the most stupid mothers on earth. We do need a licence to drive...I wish we could force people to pass a licence to be a parent.

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    oh my God ....

    I laughed my head off watching this video .... at least the girls will have healthy bones !!

    Billy ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by master_bates

    She probably gets off on it

    This is wrong to say.

    Being a woman and a mother... (which you are not...)
    I can say that breast feeding is not sexual at all. When your child is feeding, yes there is an emotion there, but it is no way sexual and in no way can be replicated.

    I do not agree that she chose to breast feed her children ... at the tit... at the age they are, but if she really sees benifits to them having their mothers milk, I am sure that society would have nothing to say if she pumped and then fed them her milk in a cup.
    I can understand her view of feeding them the benifits of breast milk, and there would also be the bond that goes along with the physical contact of mother and child, and the natural process of feeding your child.
    Once again, the bond and contact I am discribing, are not sexual in nature.

    It is the men of the world who made breasts sexual, and therefore have come to see breast feeding as a sexual act, or a method of the woman receiving sexual pleasure.
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    Very well said Tracy.

    This is very ironic because I had a friend visit me this weekend and the subject of breast feeding came up. For some reason she confided in me and told me she was breastfed till the age of 8. What a couincidence.

    It is deffinately hard to immagine and quite troubling to hear, but as for making the child troubled in the futur, i am not sure I can agree.

    My friend is a very smart, loving, social, fun beautiful person who has a masters degree, is boss of a company, and is getting married this year to a lovely lovely man. Seriously, she has no apparent problems.
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    Miss Maria, you confirm what I said before: what proof do peoples saying it cause problems later-on in the child's life have? None. Nobody answered my question! Your friend is a well adapted and balanced person.

    One proof for, none against. The trouble would have come by peoples telling her and harrassing her, at 8, saying this was not ok!

    Can somebody present proof this behavior cause problems if left unattacked by the others around the child? Can somebody present proof the problems, when and if any arise, aren't caused by the reactions of the peoples around the child rather than by the child's himself? If you don't bug the kid by telling him it's wrong, the kid won't think it is wrong so, no dammages. The perception of what's right or wrong isn't from birth, it's learned.

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