Hello Merb;

My name is Jillian and I am very much Cupid. I have poured my heart and soul into making Cupids an excellent work environment and a great place for clients over the past few years. We have built a safe agency that believes strongly in who we represent and do everything we can to make your time working in this industry to be a positive experience. Cupids has a pretty solid reputation and we take pride in how we run our operation.

If you are interested in touring to our Toronto office we do have accommodation and offer you $150 an hour pay.

We are looking to represent more ladies over the age of 21. We prefer ladies who are in school and have a variety of outside interests.

What we offer you is this...

* A higher then average hourly wage
* Personal drivers that only drive one to two ladies at a time (safety is our main concern)
* We will match your RRSP contribution by 25% at tax time (after six months of employment)
* After working with us for a period of six months we will pay 50% of your plastic surgery (up to $2000), this includes botox, breast implants and teeth whitening
* Our advertising is only online, this brings us better clients who know who we are and what we represent
* The flexibility of a schedule that you decide on; there is no minimum or maxium shifts per week
* Complimentary photo shoot by a professional photographer in a proper studio (you also choose what photo's will go on our site)
* A safe enviroment that is stress free
* The benefit of working with very experienced staff who understand your needs
* Female owned and operated
* We will respect your boundaries and limitations
* We do not have an office that you are required to wait at between calls nor will you have to wait in a drivers car all evening

There is no time like the present so call me at 416 532 4603, email me at [email protected] or PM me.