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Thread: Therapeutic stress reliever specialty treatments

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    Arrow Therapeutic stress reliever specialty treatments

    Cloe's GFE Table d’Hôte menu

    A big part of the fun on any trip is the journey to get there!
    A more attentive form of foreplay will bring increased pleasure to both partners
    and make any sexual experience more satisfying!

    Oral Pleasures
    ~~ The Grandiose Tease ~~

    An incredibly enjoyable act of intimacy in its own!
    Light and deep French kissing
    * No face licking please*

    A great way to give pleasure to a man regardless of whether it is for foreplay, after play, or the main event!
    Please see my note below
    *Not every Gentleman gets the same privilege according to my specification*
    Oral shaft and testicle massage
    *Only when fully shaved*
    *Not every Gentleman gets the same privilege according to my specification*

    Performing cunnilingus can be one of the most wonderful things you can do for a woman!
    Men who perform great cunnilingus are always appreciated and considered fabulous lovers!

    * Shaved tigress with strip landing*

    Turn off the taboos and get totally turned on!
    *Gladly given and received while using protection*

    Gentlemen, while giving you an amazing oral massage, it makes a more pleasurable experience for me
    when you are fully shaved or neatly trimmed.
    It also avoids wasting precious time removing unwanted hair where it doesn't belong... In my mouth or throat.
    Automatic covered fellatio for full, over grown, over populated and natural "amazone forests".

    The beauty of a threesome, when bi-sexuality is a part of it, is that each participant can almost always be
    giving and receiving at all times.
    It’s an incredibly hot experience that I believe everyone should consider trying... at least once in their life!

    ~Fully shaved (or strip landing) is a must for Ladies~

    Sensual Massages
    ~~ Full Body Meltdown ~~

    Battery operated toys are more than welcomed during our time together!

    Kissing, nibbling and caressing the whole body

    Sensual body massage with hands
    * Given and received*

    Body slide massage

    Hand stroking massage

    Foot play/stroking massage

    Penetration of fingers
    *Washing your hands before this activity is a must*
    G spot stimulation
    * I love to squirt when you can find and massage my magic spot *

    Gentle anal play with fingers
    *Gladly given and received while using protection*

    Gentlemen, if you wish to use your own massage oils, lubricants, creams and/or bubble bath during our time together, please be aware that I have allergies to many scented products therefore I’m asking you to use the non scented kinds only.
    Thank you!

    Main Course and Dessert
    ~~ Patience has its own rewards ~~

    Multiple sexual intercourse positions
    ***Always protected without any exceptions***
    Please, be aware that if you make such a request (unprotected sex) during our time together,
    our rendez-vous will immidiately be over!
    You will also forfeit the entire amount of the donation!
    Russian roulette is not an option on my GFE menu!

    Reverse Cowgirl
    Doggie Style
    Deck Chair
    Deep Impact

    Cum on my body
    (Breasts, stomach, back or feet)

    (If time allows us to or according to your own physical capacities)

    The following are experiences I do not partake in... _________________________________________________________________________________

    Sexual intercourse without a condom
    *Including rubbing of the genitals without protection*

    Finish and cum in my mouth
    *Either spitting or swallowing*

    Cum on my face

    Face licking/spitting

    Earlobe Stacy
    Kiss, nibble, and suck on the earlobe or inside the ear

    *Anal sex*

    Golden Shower
    *Given or received*


    Gang bangs

    *Sadism and Masochism*

    *Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission*

    Bachelor parties

    A bientot!

    Your little secret...
    ...........................Cloe xox

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    Thank You for respecting my personal preferences!

    Gentlemen, iF you are looking for a particular experience that is NOT available on my GFE "table d'hote menu",
    I highly recommend you contact another Lady Companion who will be comfortable and willing to provide you with a specific experience you truly desire.

    As stated on my website, in the etiquette section;

    "I understand the reasons why you have high expectations from the special Lady you wish to spend time with.
    As a Lady, I also have high expectations from the Ladies & Gentlemen I accept to share intimate moments with.
    Of course and above all, *respect*, *discretion* and *confidentiality*are the three number ones in my books!"

    Excellent *hygiene* is also a must!

    So Gentlemen, let me put your mind at ease by stating that
    I will not decline a rendez-vous with you based on your ethnicity.

    Cloe xox

    The last specification HAS been added to my website in the "about me" section:
    Ethnic restrictions: None

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