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Thread: The smarter we are...

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    The smarter we are...

    ...the more likely we are to engage in sex with providers! We knew it all along...
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    Escorts contain high concentrations of B vitamins, Gingko and fiber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebitchelor
    happy to see that i aint the only one who was confused with M9's quote..lolll
    the article is hilarious.

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    @mOd9 As part of a balanced breakfast, escorts will reduce your risk of heart disease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marauder69
    @mOd9 As part of a balanced breakfast, escorts will reduce your risk of heart disease.
    LOL all,

    I love this...really. It reminds me of the low carb craze and other fads some elitist report claimed was the "magic pill" to long life. Now if only like marijuana for eyesight I could just get a doctor's prescription to take one escort every four perpetuity. Maybe I can fill out some online phony Mexican questionaire and receive a supply of escorts every month charged to my health care plan. Okay baby, it's 6:00...time for sex

    "Anal sex and facials stimulate neurons and cause synapses to fire 1.3 times faster than normal." Is this the cure for writer's block"...bwahahahaha.

    If only,

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    Yes but the article forgets to mention that the reason why we studied more and chased after our Ph.d's, it’s that we won't popular.

    So instead of chasing the beautiful prom queen that we knew we could never get, some decided to follow the dream that was available at the time, schooling. Therefore spending less time developing our social skills. and increasing our chances of failure when trying to woo the girls of our dreams.

    After many moons, you then finally hit the work force, with an excellent profession and a great pay.

    So now its time to get what you have always wanted, the girl. In an effort to increase some social skills and self confidence with the ladies, you call the services of SP’s. To finally come to the conclusion, that now that money is involved, these new skills have become obsolete.

    So if you ask me, its not called being smart, it’s called being DESPERATE and lost.

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    How about: Smart people => more disposible income => can afford escorts

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