Hello Everyone,

The begining of January has been hectic for me. For the first week I went through a food poisoning and since last week, I've been moving and trying to settle down as fast as one can possibly do. Since January first, I've been out of internet connection and trying to catch up with my emails through a blackberry which reliability with the network isn't always certain.

Finaly, my ISP is suppose to fix the connection problems I've been experiencing with my home based internet connection.

If you did send me emails in the past two weeks that remained unanswered, I would appreciate if you would re-send them to me as I may not have received them.

Also, my cell phone is still to be found in one of the unpacked boxes so calling me is not going to work... Emails are always the best way.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Things will be back in order in a few days.