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Thread: The Sexual Habits of Presidents

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    The Sexual Habits of Presidents

    This is hilarious. Leave it to Fixed Noise.
    Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.

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    Liberals Are Elitist Perverts.

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    HaHAHAHAHA!! Nice one Rumpleforeskin!

    Please don't let it be the last method

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Fisting has been performed on (and by) both men and women; gay, straight and otherwise.[citation needed] While fisting remains unexplored by many people, the ones who do have developed three main techniques: Silent Duck, Double Fist/Side Prayer, and the My Hand In Your Pocket
    Kinky Is Using A Feather.
    Perverted Is Using The Whole Chicken

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