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Thread: Super Bowl Commericals Best/Worst

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    Super Bowl Commericals Best/Worst

    My favorite thus far is the one for Bud Lite where the guy gets thrown out of the office building. The "grease monkey" one was funny as well.

    Both featuring the Budweiser clydesdale were pretty mediocre.

    The '08 Audi spot featuring the godfather theme is still my personal favorite.

    Let's hear some other nominations for best/ worst this year...

    ***Mods, feel free to move this to the sports section if that's where you think it should be. I posted here simply because this deals with commericals that are broadcast during a sporting event, not the sport or event itself.***

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    Jason Statham (from the Transporter films) driving the various Audis was very good. I also loved the guy gettting thrown out of the office building, as well as the Mr and Mrs Potato Head commercial for tires.
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