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Thread: Celebrity obsessed?

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    Celebrity obsessed?

    Ok, I bring up Yahoo's home page and guess what greets me as a "news" headline...Jessica Simpson has a tearful meltdown. Big goddamn deal. That's hardly what I would consider real news in a world filled with wars, terrorism, enviornmental disasters and such. Isreal's attacks in Gaza, Obama's upcoming visit to Ottawa, wildfires in Australia, to me, that's news.

    I would like to know why North America has seemingly become obsessed with the lives and worse yet, the opinions of celebrities. Turn on Larry King and you might just be rewarded with Larry having a deep, meaningful discussion on world politics, with some rap star who is obviously using cue cards or a teleprompter. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all celebrities are dumb. I have seen a couple of interviews with Marilyn Manson where he has proven himself to be very educated and insightful. I'm just not sure that I want to hear a movie star, who makes living PRETENDING to be someone else, preach about real life.

    Case in point: Micheal Douglas was asked if he thought the American housing disaster would bring on a recession. Thankfully, Mr Douglas had enough sense to remind the "reporters", that Wall Street was a MOVIE that he starred in.

    Sure, a little blurb about someone famous gives you a break from the doom and gloom that seems to fill today's news, but enough is enough already. So poor Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, kissed a girl, got arrested...Good for her. Should it be a headline? Maybe in the National Inquirer or on Entertainment Tonight. Not in the Gazette or on Pulse.
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    in a world of idiots nobody ask questions.

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