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Thread: shemales in Montreal?

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    shemales in Montreal?


    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for shemales in Montreal?

    Unfortunately there is not much info on them in this city. If we look in Toronto it's great, they have

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    Umm, might I suggest upstairs at Cleos?

    There are alot of streetwalker shemales, that I know for sure (old business joke). There are a few advertising in Hour / Voir / JDM. I don't know of any agency doing that right now.

    Your mileage may vary... mine did!

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    I beleive alot of the TS girl/guys hang out on Ontario St. north side oustside of a club on the corner of ???(anyone?)-some of them are pretty beleivable-a good sign that they are is their level of dress-they considerably more "done up" than the regular walkers on that stretch..

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    Hey Larry there are a lot of shemales in montreal I just think the scene might not be as vibrant or open as TO. Upstairs at Cleopatras is definitly a known hangout for TS',TV's they also do burlesque, cabaret type shows there on weekends. For escorts try the ads in free weekly papers, Mirror usually has the most ads. The thing about TS escorts is that there is a lot of room for disapointments either because of looks or services, I have had a few experiences with mixed results but it's been a while. 2 reccomendations i can make are

    1-Cloe... she had got good marks from the old canbest board(I have not tried her) and has a site with a lot of pics of her so you have a good idea of what she looks like( I think she looks pretty fine)

    2- Samantha(she also uses Kelly or Nina) she works for an agency
    (the agency offers other Tgirls but i know nothing of them)
    She used to also do indy calls but I dunno if she still does. She is famous for her large tool, generally got good reviews.

    Anyway hope this helps if you have any questions you can e-mail me, let us know how it goes.

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    Gina & Rebecca?

    Anyone met Gina or Rebecca? They advertise in the Mirror.

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    I 'd like also to try a menage a 3 thing with a bi tran. and a girl. Coyotte city claim that they have a bi trans. called sasha but I never tried this agency (it seems to be an expensive agency and I am suspicious about the quality).

    I tried Samantha from Ah Plaisir ( She came in time. I found her kind of vulgar. A man is a man even with boobs. The service was so , so. She gave me a CBJ and I caressed her at the same time. At the end she offered herself a tip and left with my watch. Unfortuanately for her (and fortuanately for me) it was a very cheap watch, one that you can buy on a street corner. So guys, if you ever decisde to call her, hide whatever is valuable before.


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    Nina on

    I just visited and saw in their gallery Nina from Montreal. I wonder how to contact her to have an apointment?

    Any reviews of shemale in Montreal lately?

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    anyway to find out where to get a shemale

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    I tried gina from montrealescorts

    Black transexual, looks ok, older than advertised

    nice 'clit' 8'', functionnal, real small breasts

    good GFE, DFK, mutual CBJ (69), anal play and fuck, not in a hurry, polite, nice conversation

    would do it again probably


    anyone can comment on the others?

    or anyone found shemale in quebec city?

    until later


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    Upstairs at cleo

    Has anyone ever been during the week? Do they have erotic shows? Contact dances? I don't want to go in there feeling like an idiot...anyone have any advice?

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    I tried Tanya last fall 514-586-4232. Honest and active. Pretty face, slim, very slim. She declares B-cups but is definetely A-cup

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    If Samantha is also known as Kelly. I think I saw her on a website called She also appeared in the magazine Erosphere a while back. So she must be more than 20 years old. I downloaded the video from trannysurprise, she has sex while a guy, anal and oral both ways. Pretty good video. If someone wants the video, I'll be happy to send the to you. Too bad she does'nt seem to be getting good reviews, she looks good in the video.

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    Hi, any1 been with Sabrina slim blonde cutie upstairs at Cléo's? Met her a few weeks back, but did'nt go 4 it. A mistake?

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    I am coming to Montreal in a couple weeks....maybe this weekend, anyone got any info on other shemales in Montreal. What about Cleopatra' it any good. Any real chance of getting with any of the girls there.

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    in cleopatra you will only find regular girls. girls + are upstairs chez Mado. there is also the funspot bar when you may find some TS SPs in the evenings mainly. funspot is on ontario st east of st Andre st.

    PS Not my cup of tea, just general knowledge acquired from reading posts on this board.

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