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Thread: Recession and its effects...

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    Lightbulb Recession and its effects...

    The ladies are probably not going to like this... oh well, shit happens.

    Message for the boys.

    I visited an MP about 2 weeks ago and after my session with the lady, I asked her how her day went (was the end of the day) and she told me it was calm, I was her 2nd customer of the day. I had seen her about 3 months before that and after a pleasant session, I had also asked her the same courtesy question, but at the time I was her 6th client.

    Not sure if that happens to all MP out there, but probably more than this one.

    In which case I see 2 solutions, either MP are ready to accept more modest tips for their services to see customers coming back in good numbers... or see their customer hit count declining. Gents, help the ladies... keep the tips low but keep coming back.

    Just a thought.

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    We all have a breaking point when it comes to finances. However, I believe that if you're going to use a service, you have to pay what is fair.

    Unfortunately, some guys don't mind overpaying, but that's their prerogative. You won't be able to control that, so more power to them. However, they are not the norm but the exception. I think that most MPs will see those instances for what they are. An overly generous guy who can afford it and doesn't mind paying.

    A recession tends to reset the balance. And perhaps shave off any greed that may have been there months before. If prices are fair and tipping is not exaggerated, everyone cums out a winner. Some MPs have figured this out, while others might spend a lot of time between clients cause they won't adjust to current market realities. The same applies to almost every sector right now. Those who thrive tend to recognize market trends as they occur. Great time to be shopping.

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    hey JB, I agree with you, if I am going to use a service, I should pay what's fair... however, it's also a "business transaction".

    Let me put it this way, if I were an electrician charging $100/hr for my services and recession was killing me, I would drop my hourly rates to try to maximize my customers. It's not that my services will be poor, it's just that I try to avoid drowning. And although the customer will benefit from my services and should pay what's fair, they don't have to, because they know I need their business, catch my drifts?

    A great recession movie, if you have not seen it: The cinderella man (starring Russel Crowe)

    As for those who can keep overpaying, good for them... but I doubt it's a high percentage of hobbyist, as we all know, it ain't a cheap hobby.

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    My strategy.

    Even for the people that do not actualy feel the pinch of the recession, mthey hear the bad news on the radio and TV. My stategy is to concentrate on a few good places where I know I will be getting good value for my money, rather than hopping from place to place hoping that I will get better than the last place. There have been too many times where I have been to salons that have young but inexperienced masseuses with little or no experience and have left with considerably lighter in the pocket. Very often the tab was in the almost double of what I would have spent at an independent masseuse. My strategy for good mileage in these recessionary times is to go to indies that I already know. I know they will appreciate my frequent visits.
    I have not had too much luck at salons that offer thai and other options, the prices are often double and I leave with half the satisfaction as when I visit a good indy. I realy wonder if anyone out there can tell me if they have had double the satisfaction at double the price at salons?

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    Your strategy seems good, however many or most of us enjoy variety, so the strategy won't work.

    When you hire an electrician fresh out of school and when he's done with the job, leaves dirty places with hanger electrical wires, do you pay him/her, lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs? I am starting to enjoy the electrician metaphor lol

    Ok let's try another, you bring your virus infected PC to FutureShop and they "fix" it, only when you get home you see that it is worst than when you first brought it in. Do you call them back and give them shit or do you dish out more money to get it fixed? Hope you got my point by now.

    In the MP situation... walk out or pay what she deserves! If you pay her and feel taken advantage off afterwards... you only got yourself to blame.

    You want a real thai massage? get yourself a ticket to asia and enjoy.

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    I think people are going to be more frugal with their money.
    Poor quality and money grabbers days are numbered.
    I don't think the prices will drop if anything prices and demands for "tips" will be higher.

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    I doubt poor quality and money grabbers' days are over... there are always knuckle heads who will keep feeding those.

    There are 2 quick ways to think about this. If an MP usually makes X amount with 10 clients per day and now only sees 5 per day, she will increase her fees to reach her X amount, which is probably the way most MP think, however in doing that she might end up with 1-2 client per day (knuckles heads). The other way is that the MP will lower her rates to get her 10 customers back, so although she loses a little... she does not lose totally.

    This is a business guys... l'offre et la demande et la recession! The power is in your hand/wallet/boxers, whichever works for you!

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    I for one used to frequent various MP's weekly but lately I have been laying low. My business is down and hence the need for me to work harder to generate more disposible income. I have received several calls from MP's that have my number asking when I will come by. Times will get tougher before this improves for them and us. There are only so many dollars out there, I hope these girls realize that in order to remain in business they will have to become innovative.
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    Supply and Demand determined by economics...

    I personally don't believe that hostesses are aware of the economics of supply and demand.

    I've gotten the impression that some hostesses think that the more hours they are at a Massage Parlor in any given day, the more they will generate, which if you take in to account the economics of supply and demand has the reverse effect.

    That is to say, with an increase in supply there is a decrease in demand, which is how value can be determined.

    That being said, I think some massage parlors should re-evaluate how much business they are doing at certain times and on certain days, and plan staffing accordingly based on those times. Perhaps specials (real specials) at other times, when customer demand is lower, should also be offered. Other incentives may include discounts for reviewers as reviews are also a form of advertising or perhaps even a loyalty program, (buy 5 hrs and the next hour is free, (just the hour, not the options of course)).

    Makes me want to open up my own business...

    What are your thoughts?

    - CWipes
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    MP's are aware of the tough times, most are far from stupid. In the last year supply has probably risen by 25% and demand dropped by 15%.

    There's a squeeze happening, but to think that you can now get a discount on entrance & options everywhere may be a stretch. Some salons will promote discounts which I think is smart. Some 'hungry' girls may do more for less, but as a rule...there is no rule!

    These are good times for hobbyists with money. When I'm satisfied, I leave the same coin as before this crap hit, which is probably just above average. After all, it's the same service I received last time. I may be trying to get more for the same, but I always did that anyways. If you want GFE, it's a losing proposition to invoke the recession, imho.

    Remember, this shit'll get straightened out, and the girls and salons will remember who was there in the tough times. If you never repeat, this doesn't apply to you.


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    [QUOTE=Eurasian]Your strategy seems good, however many or most of us enjoy variety, so the strategy won't work.

    You can have your cake and eat it too, in this matter. Just frequent the places that you already know that offers quality service at a reasonable price. If you want to venture out once in a while for some variety, the internet and newpapers are full of new places for you to try. I have not have had very much luck as far as new places go. I find that I have to visit 3 or 4 indies before I find one that is worth going back to, and in the salons I find that the young girls are inexperienced, offer a crappy service, and expect more than double the price at indies. Some of the salons have been offering specials, I do not find them to be bargains. One place was offering FREE massage for half an hour, but you had to take the $80 thai option. It turned out to be a 15 minute uninspired massage with a 5 minute quicky thai that and a even more uninspired HJ. I have yet to recieve a real massage at a salon, what you are getting at the salons is a very expensive prelude to a HJ or a Thai option. Rather than spending the $80 at a salon, I can get a realy good full hour massage at an indy and she will be happy to see me because I can give her a fortified tip at the price of $80.
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    My personal opinion is that when push comes to shove, the MP's truly believe that our hobby is driven by an urge that is not affected by any recession, economic downturn or any other force other than desire. They believe that we never used optional money, family money or survival money to go to an MP.

    Face it, anything we spend at an MP is money that ultimately we could, (and do), live without. None of us are spending the mortgage money, grocery money or depriving our kids of food to go to an MP. (Side note: if you said "I do" to any of those give your head a shake and find another hobby immediately). Having said that, I do not believe they see the loss of business as an option.

    BUT, they will see it. They are not the astute business owners that drive or watch the economy to any great degree. The MP owners are "watchers" of the economy. They will "watch" their business maintain, grow or fall but they will simply observe.

    I do not think that the individual girls have any true influence. Sadly, most are simply employees and do not make policy. They are like the 30 people that work for me.... they do not drive the business nor do they feel they can do anything to affect it.

    Ultimately, I think that the strong MP's with a stong customer base will survive and the weak will die. Their destiny is not something they will even try to influence.

    Should they lower price? Absolutely not. They will feel that they are selling out, getting ripped off and be resentful. If that happens the quality of service will go down as their heart will not be into it. When that happens we suffer. I would rather maintain the level of service and pay the same price no matter the economy. If I can afford to spend $120 for a good massage with a good attitude I would rather have that than pay $90 and have her see it as a ritualistic process.

    My 12000 cents worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by English_Dude

    Should they lower price? Absolutely not. They will feel that they are selling out, getting ripped off and be resentful. If that happens the quality of service will go down as their heart will not be into it. When that happens we suffer. I would rather maintain the level of service and pay the same price no matter the economy. If I can afford to spend $120 for a good massage with a good attitude I would rather have that than pay $90 and have her see it as a ritualistic process.
    I AGREE COMPLETELY..good review mister english_dude
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    Personnaly i m not touch by the recession and never done so much over time in 4 years , but i will not go see an MP all week of a mouth until i have no familly and no girl friend, they just offer extra whit an expexted good massage, i love almost all the time what they do for me but i will never spend all my money for them, my girlfriend can make me happy even whit multiple slerosis( not sure of the word) , its just a bonus that i offer me 2 or 3 time a year when i have the money to do it, so people that fall in love whit those girl could change hobby , in my opinion

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    OK, so the point of that was?

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